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Clothes for all Four Seasons | Lands' End

Clothes for all four seasons. What are your year-round clothes?

I've had enough of storage lately. I want to buy clothes that operate for the majority of the year. You do too. Our favorite clothes stick with us no matter the weather. That reminds me, does anybody want to buy my winter car? It's the car I drive during the winter only. Okay, sure ... I get it. That's a stretch, but logically our wardrobe should be more versatile. Especially when the weather is so up and down all the time.

Tees and jeans.

Take the incomparable pair, for instance. This is applesauce and cinnamon, peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and a warm fire: the bread and butter that are tees and jeans.

You'll be catching sun in the spring and summer with a light jacket or living it up with just the tee itself. And over there, in the winter, it's a solid start to the day. One comfortable layer for you and then each successive zip up or winter coat seals the deal. You're already wearing tees year-round, but now you're going to pay closer attention to it.

As for jeans, these are your all-around pants. Casual, professional, hard-working, and smart. You solve problems in jeans. When you're fixing your water heater or laying salt on the driveway, you're likely to be in your jeans. Later on, in the summer you can roll those puppies up and walk barefoot around the yard or up along that shoreline.

Staying cool and looking sharp in the right sweaters.

Your Christmas sweater has a great time in the winter. There's no problem with festive clothing. What you should have, though, are a couple sweaters that you can wear from solstice to solstice.

Take your cashmere for a spin. It's great as your cozy winter layer and in the opposite season when you're sidled up near a window as that cool summer rain pours down, you're in for a treat. Supima cotton sweaters are also a phenomenal choice.

Tunics for two pics.

Think of the times you've had together. That red flannel tunic helped you out in a pinch last winter when you didn't quite know what to wear to that holiday party. It didn't let you down and there it is again in all those 4th of July photos. There's some celebratory magic in that one.

Same goes for your flannel shirts too. What's a backyard bonfire in the summer without the warmth of your flannel shirt? Also, how would you get through the ice storm without buttoning your flannel shirt all the way up, mummifying your neck and face with a scarf, and adding the cherry on top weatherproof winter coat ... just to get the mail. Your flannel is not just a fair-weathered friend.


Life moves fast. At one moment you're cozying up next to a fireplace reading a new book, the next it's 4 months later and that book is on your end table collecting dust with a bookmark on page twenty-five ... and your winter coat is getting put away until the next season. But your leggings? Same ones. I mean, you definitely cleaned them, but no less, they have been there for you when you've needed them.

Whether it's an easy breeze kind of day or you're watching storms brew from behind a window you can always count on your leggings. That crisp white button up is a great match for your leggings too.


Cardigans have the perfect excuse to wear them year-round and it's in their name: Again. Too much? Okay, won't do it card-again.

They're perfect for dinner outings when you're not sure if the house will be air conditioned. Some people pretend that it's winter in the summer by keeping their air conditioning so low that you may as well bring a knit cap too.

Same goes for people in the winter. When a friend is known for their thermostat antics, you probably want to wear a second layer. A cardigan will keep you from shivering and from having that heating bill conversation again

Which season is it?

You know it's a new season the moment you start to reach into your closet a bit further. Day by day, the hangers closest to the door carry different garments, your spring wardrobe brightens, or your winter clothes get thicker and puffier. We start to shove the less wearable clothes to the dark side of the closet and we welcome the exciting new seasonal clothes back in.

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