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Clothing Gifts for Her This Holiday Season

Clothing Gifts for Her This Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! As you gear up to delight her with a few season-brightening surprises, be prepared. There are so many fun and fashionable options that you may not even know where to begin. The good news? There's no harm in stashing more than one or two treats inside her gift bag. The better news? With dozens of choices, your only trouble will be narrowing it down to a select few!

Make Merry in a Fun Sweater

It's practically required clothing at some point during the holiday season. Whether she's attending a casual office party or just happens to be obsessed with everything from tinsel to boughs of holly, it only makes sense to give her a Christmas sweater! Now is the time for fun and festive pullovers adorned with cute patterns, including trees, wreaths, and piles of presents. If she prefers a more understated take on holiday style, opt for a bejeweled sweater instead. It follows the holiday-centric theme but provides a sophisticated take that she can wear with everything from jeans to dresses.

Cozy Up to Some Serious Flannel

If there's one thing that she loves, it's some Truly Great Loungewear. Forget about the usual suspects—not just any old thing will do if she's discerning about what qualifies as cute and comfortable! A pair of flannel pajamas is genius because it checks every single box. It's cute, classic, cozy—and festive! Available in dozens of fun color combinations, flannel PJs have the innate ability to make anyone feel a little bit better. They're soft to the touch, which makes them perfect for the chilliest days of the year. There's nothing like flannel jammies while you're curling up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa, a crackling fire, and snow falling in earnest outside.

Show a Little Layering Love

There's no denying the practicality of layering when temperatures drop. By autumn, layering is practically the law. So, you can be sure she'll appreciate a thoughtful and warm winter vest. Available in a variety of styles and lengths, vests are designed to flatter every body. You truly can't go wrong—largely because it's the ultimate layering piece. When it's not quite cold enough to wear a regular coat, a vest fills in nicely over a long-sleeve top. And when the winds start picking up but it's still relatively comfortable, vests make a practical alternative to other toppers. They're also great to wear throughout the season, whether temperatures are on the mild side or she wants something cozy to wear while doing some post-holiday shopping with the family.

Pack Up a Cute Jacket

The beauty of packable jackets is undeniable. What exactly is that, you might wonder? It's just what you'd think: a jacket that is so easy to fold up that it packs right into its own pocket, making it the very definition of convenient comfort. Yet, it doesn't sacrifice anything in its mission to make her life a little bit easier. Is she the type who's always a little bit cold? Does she want something to toss into her trunk or even the glove compartment? A packable jacket is simply genius. Look for details that elevate its potential just a touch. Our HyperDRY™ down filling, for example, is a must if she tends to pile on the layers at the first sign of winter. She'll never want for warmth or comfort when she's wrapped up in a snug jacket that keeps her toasty without the bulk. Hoods, multiple pockets, and easy care instructions all go a long way in making this one of the best gifts she'll receive all season long.

Indulge Her Love of Leggings

If there's one piece that's renowned for its comfort, it's a pair of leggings. There are countless fun ways to work a pair of leggings into any cold-weather ensemble. She can throw on her favorite tunic and step into a pair of knee-high boots for a chic and stylish look. She can pull on a toasty sweater and slip into her coziest coat when it's chilly outside. She can wear an active pair during her morning jog or early evening yoga session. Or she can simply treat leggings like the ultimate addition to loungewear (which they are). It takes two seconds to toss a plush sweatshirt or soft hoodie over leggings for an easy and effortless look when she's off duty for the day. Choose a breathable fabric if she's a workout maven, or try our wonderfully comfortable corduroy knit if she's always in need of a little extra warmth. There are dozens of styles available, from bright colors to allover prints, ensuring you'll have an easy-breezy time finding the perfect pair for the lucky recipient.

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