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Comfortable School Essentials for Kids

Comfortable School Essentials for Kids

When it comes to back-to-school clothing trends, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest playground gimmicks. But what about the long-lasting comfort of school wardrobe essentials? Some staples make the cut year after year and remain favorites across all generations.

There are several things to consider when prepping for back to school, like age range, campus type, and school commutes. For younger kids, consider personalization on items like backpacks or coats. You can add your kids’ names to items in an easy-to-read font in their favorite color that will stand out. For older kids, you can also add a special touch in the form of a graceful or preppy monogram to items like tote bags and coats. This comes in handy in settings like dorm rooms, where items have a tendency of getting shared. These tips and tricks stand the test of time, just like these five school essentials.

1. Backpacks with Pockets & Compartments

When it comes to school, toting books and supplies back and forth can seem like a mammoth task, especially with textbooks and laptops weighing in. Look for backpacks that blend function and style with pockets and compartments for easy storage. Different compartments allow your kids to organize their need-to-have items so they can easily find things they use more frequently.

Get your kids in the habit of storing things like house keys and money in the small front pocket, then work their way back to the large compartment for books and notepads. This way, you’ll both be on the same page when it comes time to look for items. In a perfect world, clean and organized backpacks would rule, but you can still give your kids the opportunity and chance to be neat and tidy. Add a name or monogram to the front of backpacks for a personal touch that will make your kid feel special. With monogrammed backpacks, not only will your kid feel unique and loved, but they’ll also be more likely to not misplace their belongings, as their backpack is labeled loud and clear.

2. Kids’ School Uniforms

School uniforms make the morning rush a lot easier with fewer wardrobe choices. Purchase enough school uniforms to keep things nice and fresh all week long. If your school allows, look for different variations of the uniform, like long- and short-sleeve shirts, shorts, and pants. This variation adds more versatility based on the day and allows your kid to stay comfortable depending on the weather and school activity. Look for specific school colors and staple items that your school requires, and stock up on them year after year.

3. Warm Weatherproof Jackets

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that throughout the school year, there will be bouts of cold weather when the temperatures drop and the rain sets in. In scenarios like this, you’ll rest easy knowing your kids are equipped with waterproof kids' winter coats that will stand up against the elements. Many lightweight rain jackets and weatherproof jackets are so light that they can be folded into a pocket or their own personal pouch for easy storage in backpacks and bags. These jackets typically don’t go against school dress codes and are often available in all school colors, meaning you can give your kids the gift of warmth and comfort against the weather while still abiding by school policy. Look for lightweight jackets with rainproof outer shells and some kind of lining to keep them warm and dry on stormy days.

4. High-Quality Socks

Keep them stocked with clean and high-quality socks so they always look fresh from their head to their toes. Socks are a staple item regardless of whether your kid wears a school uniform. Be sure your kid can always find a fresh pair of high-quality, hole-free socks. Look for everything from long socks with frilly details for preppy school uniforms to low-cut socks for slip-ons and sneakers to thick athletic socks that can also double as wintertime feet warmers.

5. Comfortable Flat Shoes

It doesn’t matter if your kid is the fastest track star on the playground—comfortable shoes make the difference between temper tantrums and great days at school. Look for a pair of flat, supportive shoes for school. For younger kids, look for shoes that abide by school uniform policy but that also supply adequate ankle support. This is so important because their feet are still developing, and correct foot placement will make a big difference. Look for shoes like Mary Janes or all-weather lace-up shoes or booties. Keep in mind that depending on the age of your child, you’ll want to invest in shoes they can fasten and easily take on and take off by themselves. We recommend either Velcro or zip-up shoes for younger children.

Whether you are shopping for Pre-K little ones or for those shipping off to college, we’ve got the comfortable school essentials your kids will be grateful for.

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