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How to Find Comfy Clothes That Really Fit

How to Find Comfy Clothes That Really Fit

Your favorite dress or go-to jeans may be great for a night out on the town, but a selection of comfy loungewear—like sweatpants, loose-fitting jersey dresses, robes, and well-fitting pajamas—is crucial for relaxing at home or during a long day of travel. Lands’ End knows the importance of comfortable clothes; even our tagline is “Let’s Get Comfy.” In other words, we are here to help you find the best and most comfy clothes for your body.

Here are a few things to remember when shopping for comfortable, well-fitting loungewear.

Shop Specialized Sizes to Ensure the Fit Is Right

It’s no secret that the comfiest clothes are clothes that fit and allow you to move around as you please. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and at Lands’ End, we have two lines in particular that are made for folks who are looking for a more precise fit for their unique body shape. We have special sizing for all of our clothing, including our loungewear, which is available in both petite and plus sizes.

Our plus-size women’s comfy clothes include pants, shorts, skirts, and more. We also have a range of petite items, including petite pajama sets.

Additionally, Lands’ End has a selection of lounge dresses, robes, pajama sets, sweatpants, nightgowns, and more in both size ranges. All come in a range of pretty prints and flattering styles, ensuring your loungewear truly and properly fits you.

Try Out a Robe

Robes are not intended to be tailored to fit your every curve—instead, they’re meant to fit over your cozy pajamas or favorite sweatpants.

Plus, there’s something about a robe that is inherently comfy. Maybe it’s the flowy nature of a robe or the fact that robes are a home-only item that reminds us of snuggling up on the couch with a good book. And while robes are often associated with chillier days, there is a variety available in cotton or jersey materials that are ideal for a warmer night. For colder nights, get yourself a flannel robe that is sure to look great under a blanket or in front of the fireplace.

Buy Separates to Achieve the Ideal Loungewear Set

Lands’ End sells both loungewear sets and separates, and if you go the separates route, you can purchase individual women’s sweatpants and women’s sweatshirts in perfect-for-you sizes. This way, you can also select the exact style of sweatpants and sweatshirts you want, whether you’re looking for cropped sweatpants, wide-leg sweatpants, zip-up hoodies, or pullovers.

Another bonus? You can buy complementary but non-matching loungewear sets when you buy separates. In other words, if your favorite lounge sweatshirt doesn’t perfectly match your favorite lounge sweatpants, you can still get both and wear them as your own one-of-a-kind set.

For an Easier Fit, Get a Lounge Dress

The perfect and most comfortable fit can be harder to find with a pajama set or lounge set, and while most people don’t often think of dresses as a comfy item, there are types of dresses that are ideal for lounging. Instead of finding a set that fits both your top and bottom half, why not try lounge dresses? Lounge dresses are flowy, easy, and are a comfortable fit because of their swingy, casual nature.

Purchase a lounge dress in a striped, solid, or floral print to round out your collection of comfortable clothes. Best of all? Lounge dresses can be worn at home or with a pair of simple white sneakers for an afternoon errand.

Make Sure You Get the Right Length Shorts for You

Everyone has their preferred length of shorts, some people prefer shorts that hit mid-thigh while others are fans of knee-length comfy bermuda shorts, and everyone has their preferred length. Learn what length and style of shorts you like best to achieve peak comfort in your shorts.

Get a Pair of Elastic Waist Jeans

If you’re trying to feel comfortable while looking like you’re still dressed for the day, purchase a pair of comfy elastic waist jeans —they’re perfectly stretchy, and many of our most comfortable elastic waist jeans are made with a soft, cotton jersey instead of the typical denim. There are dozens of elastic waistband jeans, all in different shades and shapes, so no matter what you’re pairing the jeans with, there will always be a match.

Getting the best loungewear for you and your body isn’t hard, just purchase what draws you in and fits you the way you want.

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