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Comfy Fall Clothes for Working From Home

Comfy Fall Clothes for Working From Home

If you’re getting ready for another fall where you’re working from home, you’re probably also searching through your closet to find comfy fall clothes that are perfect to wear to your home office. When working from home, comfort is key. But comfort also needs to be balanced with looking professional enough for video calls and feeling dressed up enough to encourage productivity. Whether you’re all about working from home in your pajamas or are someone who needs to dress up a little to get into the right frame of mind, these comfy work-from-home clothes will work perfectly for your needs this fall.

Sweater Dress

Feel dressy but cozy in this forever fall staple. Sweater dresses are comfortable yet help you look put-together. They are ideal for working from home, striking a professional vibe, and staying warm as the crisp autumn air sets in. Sweater dresses come in various shapes and styles, but if you’re looking for the perfect comfy knit to wear while working from home, we recommend you opt for a sweater dress that is loose-fitting and roomy. Tighter-fitting sweater dresses may be great for a night out to dinner, but they won’t feel as comfortable when you’re at your desk all day. Think of your favorite oversized slouchy knit; this is the dress version that you can wear at your desk. This is also perfect for those who want to look more professional during video calls. Need to quickly run out of the house? Simply slip on a pair of boots, and you’re good to go.

House Dress

Today’s house dresses are a twist on the traditional house dress from generations past. They are designed for the lady who loves to chill just as hard as she works. House dresses make for great work from home dresses because they are comfortable but also still dresses.

As fall settles in, perhaps move away from your sleeveless and breezy cotton house dresses and steer towards longer lengths, longer sleeves, and heavier fabrics. Fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, and heavier knit cotton are perfect for working from home in the incoming chillier fall weather. If you tend to get cold easily, slip a pair of leggings or heavy wool socks on under your dress so you can still feel glamorous and comfortable while working from home.

Knit Lounge Pants or Joggers

Since women’s loungewear reigns supreme these days, take advantage of this comfy trend with some staple luxe loungewear pieces. One of our favorites for fall is knit lounge pants or joggers. If you love to be radically comfortable, these pants are ideal for your work-from-home attire. If you like to feel a little dressier to show up at your home office, then no worries, the knit quality of knit lounge pants and joggers adds a whole new dimension to your standard pair of sweatpants. Knit dresses these babies up and makes them not only soft, cozy, comfortable, and perfect for fall but also a great outfit to wear to feel a little more dressed for the home office.

Cotton Sweaters

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer and embrace the cooler temperature of fall with heavy knits and wool, then cotton sweaters are your next best bet. Cotton knit sweaters have all the style and design elements of woolen knits but are still rocking the lightweight feel of cotton. Whether you prefer cardigans, turtlenecks, cowl necks, pullovers, or oversized knits, you can find your favorite cut in a cotton fabric. Cotton sweaters are also great because you miss out on the scratchiness you get from wearing wool right up against your skin. Depending on how you style them, cotton knits are also easy to wear while working from home and are appropriate for video conferences. The perfect transitional piece, cotton sweaters, should definitely be a part of your comfy fall work-from-home wardrobe.

Cashmere Sweaters

If you’re super excited to embrace fall and dive into your stored boxes of knits and wool clothes, then the cashmere sweater is going to be your go-to comfy fall work-from-home piece. Cashmere is such a luxurious fabric that it makes just about anything seem sophisticated and professional enough to wear while working. But, even if no one gets to see you in your home office, cashmere sweaters are the perfect breathable, lightweight, and epically cozy fall piece you must have.

Rather than insulating you as other wools do, cashmere adjusts to your body temperature, meaning that it keeps you warm while also allowing for breathability. This also means it’s an ideal transitional fabric that will feel good on both the warmer and the cooler days of fall. Easy to wear with just about anything, women’s cashmere sweaters are a must-have for your comfy fall work from home look.

The Button-Up

While we all associate button-up shirts with the uncomfortable uniform we must wear every day to the office, button-ups don’t have to be like that. They offer the coverage yet lightness you need for this transitional season and make great work-from-home clothing pieces. Instead of the classic crisp blouse, opt instead for looser fits and more interesting fabrics. Raw silk, crinkle cotton, and modal are all different fabrics that will make your button-up feel more down-to-earth and comfortable while working from home. You will also look perfectly professional on camera for any video calls you need to do throughout the day.

If you’re gearing up for another fall working from home, you want to be sure to be prepared with all the comfortable and practical fall pieces that will keep you cozy and productive while at work.

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