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Create Your Own Oasis With These Self-Spa Day Ideas

Create Your Own Oasis With These Self-Spa Day Ideas

A spa day is the ultimate form of self-care. With soothing music, calming aromas, and plush robes, nothing quite beats the feeling of walking into a spa and knowing that all you have on your plate for the next several hours is relaxing. While we all love the pampering that comes along with a spa day, we can't always make the trip or carve out the time. With so much going on in our lives, this can turn what should be a relaxing experience into another thing to stress about, which is counter-productive when it comes to thinking about our approach to self-care.

With all of this in mind, it's sometimes best to create a mini spa day in the comfort of your own home. With an at-home spa day, you won't have to worry about booking anything, arranging for childcare, or even finding parking. Read on for some inspiration for creating the ultimate spa day oasis without ever leaving the house.

1. Transform Your Bathroom

The first step to creating a spa day oasis in your home is upgrading your bathroom for the day. Rather than having any overhead lights on, collect all of the candles in your house and arrange them on your bathroom counters or the edge of your tub. You'll want to light these as you get ready to soak in the tub. To ensure you're not being overwhelmed by scents, choose candles that have mellow scents or aromas that promote relaxation, such as lavender.

Next, make sure you have clean, plush bath towels stacked somewhere within arm's reach of the tub. You can also spruce up the room with small floral arrangements or even dried flowers in small vases. Finally, find space where you can set up your phone or laptop to play a relaxation mix or soothing rain sounds to create a fully immersive experience for your day.

2. Take a Relaxing Bath

This one might feel a bit obvious, but we're not talking about a quick dip in the tub. Now that your bathroom has become the ultimate relaxation zone, you'll want to fill up your tub to your desired temperature. From there, add bath salts or take it to the next level with a bath bomb or some floral bubble bath products. Plan to have a cup of your favorite decaf tea or a glass of champagne within reach, light all of your candles, hit the lights, and press play on your playlist or calming sound app.

If you've got a busy household, make sure you tell your family about your plans in advance, or put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign so you can truly enjoy the soak (same goes for keeping out furry friends, since curious cats and dogs have been known to ruin many a tub time with their staredowns). After you're done floating into full relaxation, make sure you have your choice of clean women's robes nearby – a spa day isn't truly a spa day without lounging in your comfiest robe!

3. Pamper Yourself With Masks

Just like you'd treat yourself to a facial at a spa, you can indulge in this simple and effective self-care activity at your home spa. In advance of your spa day, choose several face masks, and perhaps even a foot mask to truly embrace the experience. We love sheet masks or sock foot masks since they're effective without being messy.

After your bath, select a face mask from the pile and apply it in the bathroom, and then slip your feet into an exfoliating sock foot mask. From there, head to your most relaxing room (ideally a clean bedroom that's already been set up with candles or your essential oil diffuser), and lounge in your robe as the masks do their trick. Don't forget to bring your calming music with you or find a way to turn on a similar mix in the room you'll be relaxing in to keep that vibe going. Once you're done with your masks, you'll want to apply your favorite face lotion or face oil, and you can slip your pampered feet into your favorite pair of slippers.

These are just a few ideas for creating a self-care oasis at home with a perfect spa day. It's important to carve out time and space for self-care beyond just spending the day lounging in front of the TV in your comfy pajamas (although that counts, too!). After taking a long soak, breathing in calming aromas, listening to relaxing music, and treating yourself to some soothing masks, you'll be thanking yourself. Plus, since you're already home, you won't have to worry about hitting traffic on the way back or having to line up any errands after your spa treatments.

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