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Cute and Cozy Slippers She'll Love to Find Under the Tree This Year

Cute and Cozy Slippers She'll Love to Find Under the Tree This Year

If you’re struggling with gift ideas for the special lady in your life, you’re not alone. Lots of people struggle with finding the right gift for the special people in their lives. But sometimes the problem is that they’re too busy thinking of something extravagant that they don’t realize that the simple things can sometimes make the biggest impact. If you stop and think about it, the gifts that affect the senses tend to be the biggest hits, such as massages, food or candles. The same is true for comfy things that feel good and can get some good practical use. That’s why slippers can make a great gift, especially in wintertime, when you can’t bear the thought of walking around barefoot. Here are some ideas for the cutest and coziest women's slippers that any woman would love to find under the tree during the holidays.

Style Her in Some Suede Leather Slippers

Suede leather slippers are arguably the most sophisticated-looking slippers, as they can also play the role of a traditional loafer. They also come in a variety of styles, including moccasins and booties. The outside looks put-together enough to take the dog out or fetch the mail, while the fleece inside warms the feet. Foam cushioning can also provide much-needed support for tired toes. If you’re going to gift suede leather slippers to the lady in your life, make sure they’re constructed with good quality, so they’ll stand the test of time. It also helps if they’re waterproof and easy to clean.

Snuggle Up With Sherpa Fleece Slippers

Sherpa fleece is the ideal vision of comfort with its cloud-like, fluffy appearance. Fleece slippers are typically easier to clean than suede leather and have a more “lounging around the house on a Saturday” look. Whether they’re a flip-flop type she can slip into or something that covers the entire ankle, sherpa fleece slippers have a reputation for comfort. It’s the added features that can make all the difference, though, such as a foam footbed or rubber outsole to make the slippers more durable.

Add Sparkle Under the Tree with Some Metallic Slippers

For the lady in your life who likes a bit of bling in her wardrobe, some women's metallic slippers are perfect for the holidays. Whether silver, gold or rose gold, they match practically any outfit or pajamas and are much more fun than standard black or brown slippers.

Add Some Personalization With Monogrammed Slippers

If you almost shot down the idea of gifting slippers to your mom, wife or girlfriend, but you made it this far, you may be happy to know that you can take your gift to the next level by adding some personalization to it. By monogramming them or adding a symbol that means something to her, you can show that you put a bit of extra effort into your gift.

Round Out the Gift With a Robe or Some Pajamas

Two gifts are better than one, so why stop at a pair of slippers if your budget allows you to spend a little bit more? A matching women's robe or set of women’s pajamas can really make your gift of slippers complete. And just like the slippers, you can also have the robe or PJs (or both) monogrammed to make her feel like your gift was created especially for her, making her feel extra special.

Don’t Forget to Get Her Slipper Size

The good thing about slippers is that the sizing doesn’t have to be exact. Still, you should try to get her shoe size if you can, so you can make sure your gift fits just right. Don’t worry about half sizes though. As long as you’re in the ballpark with her whole shoe size, you’ll be fine.

As difficult as it can be to find the perfect gift for the special woman or women in your life, never rule out the simple, practical gifts. Just don’t forget to make it personal. Besides monogramming them, think about the uses she’ll have for the gift (in this case, slippers). If she has a dog she might want to take outside without putting on her shoes every time, a pair of slippers with a rubber sole for traction might be best. If she simply wants to keep her feet warm while binging on Netflix, a pair of snuggly sherpa fleece slippers may be just what she needs. There are always ways to make them special and worth that spot under your tree.

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