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Cute Jackets for Fall Your Kids Would Love to Wear

Cute Jackets for Fall Your Kids Would Love to Wear

That all-too-familiar transition from summer to fall means far more than just back-to-school activities. It's also time to swap the lightweight attire for considerably heavier, more substantial gear that will keep your kids warm throughout the season. A jacket is key among those pieces. It is as essential to their wardrobe as a comfortable pair of shoes and a cozy sweater. However, there's more to selecting the right topper for your little ones than merely snapping up the first piece that feels relatively warm. Cute details and thoughtful elements are the key factors that make fall jackets for girls and boys worthwhile additions to their closets.

Keep Fleece High on the List

Jackets tend to imply more tolerable conditions–weather that's brisk, yes, but not quite frigid enough to warrant wearing the heftiest of outerwear. One of the season's most reliable materials to handle that type of atmosphere is fleece. The fabric has a lot going for it: It's light and airy, so your little one can run around freely without feeling encumbered by weight during playtime, and it's as soft as can be, with enough substance to ward off those gusts of winds that chill the air. It's also highly practical for babies and toddlers who need to be strapped into the car seat. Wearing thick material can pose quite a safety conundrum because of all the air that gets trapped between the harness and your child. Light fleece is amazing for that reason alone: It won't sacrifice your children's warmth, and plus, it's easier to wear while they're strapped in as you head off to the park or the pumpkin patch on a breezy day. Fleece is also downright cute! While there are plenty of solid colors available to mix and match with everything from boys' jeans to girls' leggings, there is also a wide range of fun prints and patterns that add a pop of color to their cold-weather wardrobes. Did we mention that fleece is also water-resistant? The durable fabric holds up like a champ even when it's raining outside because it repels water so efficiently. Children enjoy running around even when it's drizzling, but it won't be a problem so long as they're wrapped in soft fleece.

Add a Layering Vest to the Mix

Layers are key when it comes to staying warm during fall. A vest is a smart choice that they can wear beneath a jacket or over a long-sleeve top on cooler days. If they're feeling comfortable, they can remove that topmost jacket and still receive significant protection from the elements. Vests boast the same warming properties as more substantial jackets, yet they serve an even greater function of making it easier for kids to run around and play without inhibiting their movements. Even better, they're available in a variety of materials, such as down and fleece. Down is a heavier product that provides enhanced insulating properties. Children who are a little on the chilly side will love the warmth that down offers. Fleece is just as warm, yet it feels lighter, like a blanket, which can also be very comforting for little ones headed off to school for the first time. Naturally, boys' and girls' puffer vests are innately adorable. They look perfect with everything from corduroy pants to jeans, both of which are ideal to wear on chilly fall afternoons.

Don't Forget About the Rain Jacket

Outfitting your kids in the appropriate rain gear for the fall is everything. You never know when a little rain might fall, either during recess at school or as you grab a snack with your little one after school. No matter what's happening, it's always good to know that your children are protected in an efficient rain jacket designed to fend off the chill and keep them dry at the same time. Modern boys' and girls' rain jackets are light, powerful, and, most importantly, totally waterproof. Look for details that are practical for kids, like mesh lining for extra breathability, elasticized sleeves for additional comfort, and deep pockets to keep their hands warm. Many of them are designed to fold into themselves so that they can stow away easily in the offseason. Never underestimate the value of a cute print in the rain, either. Look for playful patterns that add a little levity and cheer to dark and dreary fall days. Paired with jeans and sneakers, your kids will look cute as buttons, even when it's pouring out there.

Staying Warm Is Key to Comfort

It's no secret that some kiddos may fuss a little when you try to zip them into their jackets. You can ease the process by selecting boys' winter coats and girls' outerwear that they actually enjoy wearing. Soft fabrics, fun prints, and bright colors are all appealing for different reasons–whether because they love the feel or they enjoy wearing something stylish.

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