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Cutest Backpacks For Girls

Cutest Backpacks For Girls

Are you shopping around for an adorable, brand new backpack for your daughter? Need something she can take to school, use for playdates, and carry with her on a family vacation? Finding a new backpack for your young one can be lots of fun, especially when you shop for one together! With so many styles and colors to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find a unique backpack that she is bound to love.

A Large Print Backpack For School

When heading off to school, most kids need a decent, larger backpack to fit their books, homework assignments, lunch, and other personal belongings they will use throughout the day. With that said, even though a large backpack is a more preferable choice to something small and impractical that won’t fit their belongings, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or too heavy for them to carry. A large backpack with padded straps and a padded back panel will ensure that, while large, the backpack won’t be uncomfortable, painful, or too heavy.

Once you found the right size backpack for your daughter, the real fun begins: picking out colors and prints! Does she love florals? Pick a school backpack with a navy blue background and bright, wight daisies. Is she more of a tie-dye girl? Or does she have a penchant for polka dots? There is a print backpack style for every kind of personality.

An Extra Large Backpack in a Solid Color

An even larger backpack is a great option to have when you know your family will be going on vacation and need separate bags to pack belongings. An extra-large backpack is a good option to have so that she won’t have to carry it around on her back all day, rather she’ll be carrying it for a few minutes at a time and just needs something to store her items. A large, roomy backpack can be found in many different colors ranging from seafoam blue to violet to cherry red.

When shopping for a cute extra large back, keep functionality in mind. Before evening buying a backpack, have your daughter try it on and see how she feels walking around in it. Is it comfortable? Are the straps padded and adjustable? These are important features to look over before committing to a purchase. Other appealing features to look for include an adjustable chest strap to keep the weight balanced and prevent the heavy load from hurting her shoulders. Additionally, an extra-large backpack is great, but an extra-large backpack with plenty of zippered internal and external compartments is even better!

A Backpack That Can Be Made Her Own

Finding a cute, colorful backpack with bright patterns and prints is loads of fun and just as exciting as getting a new girl’s dress, but there is something special about getting a backpack with a custom-designed monogram. Not only is it special, but it’s also practical. If your little one has a backpack with her initials on it, it will be a lot harder to misplace it or accidentally swap it with another kid’s backpack in class. Custom lettering or a custom icon aren’t the only ways to add more features to a backpack; you can also shop around for backpacks that come with a matching, detachable lunchbox.

A Colorful Drawstring Backpack

Though it’s not the kind of backpack your daughter will want to take to school, a drawstring backpack is a great choice for the summer when you know she will be running around the neighborhood, playing with her friends at the park, or going to a sport’s game. It’s lightweight, made with a comfortable material, and just large enough to fit things like a water bottle, swimsuit, and kids' towels, sneakers, or extra change of clothes. It’s a great second backpack choice for the active girl who spends lots of time outdoors, whether she is hanging out with her friends, heading to the pool, or going on a hike with her family. Though most drawstring backpacks tend to come in just a solid color, you can shop around for something with funky prints and patterns or opt for a bright color like lime green, light purple, pink, or orange.

Discussing Prints And Colors

Before you go on your backpack shopping excursion with your daughter, discuss some ideas she might like. Maybe she already has in mind the backpack she wants. Maybe she’s still trying to decide or is open to anything. Does she want something with cute floral or animal prints? Or something with lots of rainbow colors? Once you have an idea of what to look for, it will be easier to find and she will be that much closer to owning a brand new girl’s backpack.

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