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Day to Date-Night—How to Accessorize a Work Dress for Going Out

Day to Date-Night—How to Accessorize a Work Dress for Going Out

Women are busy. It’s just a fact of life. Plenty of women are balancing their full-time jobs with a healthy social life, family life, and personal life. With all of these different things going on, there isn’t always time to run home from work and change into an evening outfit. Not to worry. There are other things you can do. Check out these little ways to transform an outfit and go from work mode to night on the town after just a few minutes of tweaking.

Leave the Blazer at the Office… or Add it to Your Outfit!

A blazer might be seen to some as something worn exclusively in professional settings. But a blazer can actually work when you’re going out (yes, even on a date)! Give your work attire a cocktail hour or date-night feel by ditching the blazer and just going out in a sleeveless blouse or a colorful top. Alternatively, you could add a vibrant, unique blazer to your work attire and create a fun outfit for a night out.

Add a Jacket

You can create an entirely new outfit just by adding an extra clothing piece and a few accessories; a jacket is one of the easiest ways to do that. If you’re wearing a classic back dress to work and going out later in the evening, add a pastel pink jacket, a fleece jacket, or something else with color.

...or a Scarf

Don’t have a jacket that goes with your work dress? Maybe a scarf will do the trick. A little vintage-inspired neck scarf looks fabulous with a blouse and midi skirt. If you’re going out during the winter season, opt for a knit shawl wrap to keep you stylish and warm. And during the holiday season, take the opportunity to show off a fabulous, festive scarf like a plaid shawl wrap or a red cable knit winter scarf.

Put on Some Flashy Statement Jewelry

All of that fun, flashy, big, glamorous jewelry you have stashed away? A night on the town with friends or a date night after work is the most opportune time to show it all off. If you want to spice up an otherwise drab work outfit, add some glittering earrings or a big, colorful necklace. These accessories will transform your outfit and give you the confidence boost you need to feel fabulous when you’re out and about.

Put on Different Shoes

If you were wearing ballet flats or low heels at work, bring something else along to wear in the evening. Go for a slightly higher heel or a sandal with a heel if it’s the spring or summer season. During the fall and winter months, pair a women's winter boot with a midi skirt or an ankle boot with a floral dress.

Don’t Forget to Touch Up Your Makeup

At work, we tend to downplay our makeup artistry and keep everything painstakingly minimalistic. At night, however, when you’re going out to meet the girlfriends for happy hour drinks or dinner for a friend’s birthdays—those are the moments to let your makeup game shine. Skip a soft nude or pink lip and replace it with something brighter and bolder. Or play with fun eyeshadow colors that you wouldn’t normally wear during the day time. Try a cat-eye on for size, or glam up the eyes even more with false eyelashes.

Let Your Hair Down

Maybe you were rushing around in the morning and didn’t have time to do anything special with your hair. Or maybe you want to try something a little more daring after 5:00 P.M. Bring some product with you and zhoosh your hair to make it bigger and more voluptuous. Use your night out as an excuse to try something you’ve never done before. Add curls. Straighten it. Get a blowout! If you want to achieve a beachy wave in your hair for your night out, wet your hair the evening before, keep it in a bun when you go to sleep, wear the bun to work, then let your hair down just before going out. Add some product and you’re ready to debut your beach hair.

Change Your Top

If you are wearing a skirt and blouse to work instead of a dress, you can totally alter your look simply by switching out tops. Depending on the occasion and type of night out, you could try something glitzy and eye-catching like a funky patterned top with lots of color, a floral blouse, or a soft women's cashmere sweater to go with your midi skirt.

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