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Declare Today National Pajama Day

Declare Today National Pajama Day

Giving yourself the day off sounds incredible, doesn't it? Then you attempt to actually do it and what do you do to yourself? You work or create a project to work on. I think I've found a simple solution to hold you back from your ambitions just for the day: Don't get dressed. That's right. Stay in your pajamas all day long. To do so, first, you'll need some pajamas that are worth staying in. Here are a few perfect pajama options for the day off that you are actually going to truly give yourself this time.

From Bootstraps to Pajama Strings

You pulled yourself up from nothing ... by your bootstraps ... at times, quite literally. You put in the time. You paid your dues. Now give yourself a day of rest. Search for warm pajamas that instantly make you feel relaxed. Our choice? Flannel pajamas. A close second? Supima® cotton knit pajamas that feel better than wearing an oversized t-shirt. Truly, any pajamas that could double as loungewear will work best. After all, multitasking is kind of your thing and you'll need pajamas that reflect that.

Crops, but No Field

Oh, of course, cropped pajama pants are the perfect solution to warm nights. But did you know they also wear pretty darn well when your day off turns out to be a rather warm one? The best cropped pajama pant option for warm-weather wear day or night: 100% cotton broadcloth pajama crops of course. What else?

Whole House of Happy Campers

When you are a mother (or a really cool auntie), your day off might look a bit like a pajama party. How much fun could you make the next snow day, first day of summer vacation, last day of summer vacation, etc.? What type of special memories could you create on any other day off that involves being lucky enough to have a house full of family home with you for the day? What about matching pajamas styles for the whole family? That would be cute. You could all plan on not getting out of your pajamas for the day ... maybe build a blanket fort and spend the day "camping." If your little campers have outgrown the blanket fort stage, a movie marathon day snuggled together on the sofa in your pajamas might be just what your souls needed.

Enjoy Your Nightshirt by the Light of Day

Nightshirts are such a tried and true pajama favorite, making them just perfect for wearing on your day off. They are one of the easiest pajama top options to get on. So why not go ahead and afford yourself a relaxing day of not taking your nightshirt off? You'll get the best sleep (and daytime wear) out of a broadcloth nightshirt because the fabric is a great weight for sleep comfort, yet substantial enough for daytime wear while you relax the day away.

Pajama Day (Kind Of)

If a day relaxing in your pajamas needs to look a tiny bit less pajama-ish, opt for a pair of yoga pant-inspired pajama bottoms. Top it off with a lightweight cotton modal henley pajama top. They so closely resemble daytime tops, no one will be able to tell you are spending a day in your pajamas unless you let the cat out of the bag.

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