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Real Background Decor to Impress Your Virtual Party Guests

Real Background Decor to Impress Your Virtual Party Guests

As all great hosts and hostesses know, party planning takes both work and creativity. The fun thing about planning for your event is how the excitement builds with each step. The RSVPs are in, the refreshments are arranged, and your outfit is picked out. Now, all that's left is getting your home guest-ready. There's nothing quite like getting pumped for a party by turning on your favorite tunes, cleaning the house, and decorating the space to ensure attendees feel festive from the moment they arrive.

Virtual parties are no exception. Just as you would with a house party, you'll want to plan to show your virtual guests the best possible time. Since so many of us use video conferences for work nowadays, it'll be essential to create a festive vibe, so guests can know that they're here to party the minute they connect. There are plenty of ways to go about this.

First, change out of your comfy sweats and into something more hostess-appropriate. We have nothing against women's loungewear and hold no judgment against anyone who chooses to live in their comfies. But a big part of hosting a virtual party is making it feel like a party for everyone, so be sure to spruce up for the event.

Second, get the space ready. One great thing about virtual parties is you only need to prepare one room or space in your home for the event. Once you choose where you'll set your computer up, think about what'll be in the frame, and clean and tidy that space. Then you can get to the fun part: decorating. Read on for some background decor inspiration that's sure to impress your virtual party guests.


If you plan to host your party from the couch with your laptop set up on your coffee table, consider that your couch will be in the frame. While you'll want to decorate anything behind the couch that's in the frame as well, it'll be distracting if you have a pile of dirty laundry or the same old throw pillows around you.

Refreshing your throw pillows and throw blankets before the party can ensure everything in the frame feels festive. If you (and your party guests) are lucky, your pup will likely make an appearance if you host from your couch. If you expect a possible dog drop-in during the event, remember to make their appearance extra special with personalized dog jackets or on-theme bandanas. This will have all your party guests taking screenshots.


Nothing says "party time" quite like balloons. Rather than sticking to the basics, step up your game with confetti-filled balloons or fun shapes. If it's a Valentine's Day party, for example, opt for clear balloons with red and pink confetti inside, and alternate these with heart-shaped balloons in various colors. This aesthetic can apply to any and every holiday! You can also mix in those trendy letter or number balloons that keep popping up everywhere.

We love this idea if you're throwing a party for a very specific event or celebration, like a virtual baby shower, engagement party, or birthday party. For a baby shower, look for confetti balloons you can pair with letter balloons that spell out "Baby" or "Baby Shower". For an engagement party, opt for a mix of diamond-ring-shaped balloons and letter balloons that spell out the first names of the happy couple. And for a birthday party, choose confetti or matte balloons in a color scheme that the birthday boy or girl will love, and pair these with number balloons to turn the age into a decoration win.

No matter what balloon combinations you choose, you can tie them to a piece of furniture behind where you'll be sitting or tape the ends of the balloon strings to the floor. Be sure to test this out in advance by turning on your camera and ensuring your balloon creation fits neatly into the frame.


Fun lighting is an easy way to step up your decor for a virtual party. No matter what room you're setting your computer up in, lighting can transform the space. Rather than having any harsh overhead lights, opt for a combination of lanterns, candles, and string lights to bring the festive vibe to your camera frame.

One look we love for virtual parties is the combination of hanging lanterns with balloons or buntings either in the foreground or the background, depending on what makes the most sense for your space. If you don't have the best outlet placement for this, look for lanterns or string lights that are LED or battery-powered. If you have counter space or a mantel behind you, you can also use candles or fairy lights for your decor. You can put either tea candles or your battery-powered fairy string lights into mason jars behind you to give the look a farmhouse touch and make sure you're not creating any fire hazards.

These are just a few quick and easy ideas that'll work great for any party occasion. Just remember to have fun with it so both you and your virtual attendees can feel celebratory. Once you log off from your well-decorated and successful event, you can change back into your comfy pajamas and drift off into post-party bliss!

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