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Throw Blankets

Decorative Throw Blankets You Need

When it comes to finding the perfect decorative piece or pop of color for any room in the house, look no further. There are plenty of ways to uniquely decorate your home that won't cost you a ton of time or money. Throw blankets are a simple, economical way to brighten up any room. These decorative throws create the perfect accent for any room. The result is an uplifting space you’ll want to spend time in.

Match Your Decor

Spruce up your living space with a decorative throw. Choose a color and pattern that matches your living space. For example, use the colors of your throw pillows to choose a blanket that matches. Brighten up space with a pop of color by using complementary colors. These colors contrast your existing space but create a fresh point of intrigue. For example, use warm oranges to complement the blue decor or a bright yellow to contrast with a purple accent. This is a quick-and-easy way to transform a room in a jiffy. Bring your old decor to life with inspiring colors and bold prints. Aim to match the feel of a room. Use geometric patterns for a modern space and more natural prints to match a rustic vibe.

Holiday Inspired

Choose throw blankets that celebrate the season, no matter the time of year. You can use holiday-inspired colors to match interior decorations for major holidays like the 4th of July, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, and more. Switch out holiday throw blankets as the seasons change. Choose a blanket to match your favorite holiday. Put it out early to get into the holiday spirit. Your decoration isn’t just for show; you can use it too. The result is an instantly more festive living space you’ll want to curl up in.

Bring It Outside

Take your throw outside with durable materials meant for the dirt. Outdoor throws are made of stain-resistant and water-resistant material, making them an ideal choice for the active family. Select summery styles that match your beach towels. These active throw blankets are ideal for relaxing outside, whether that’s in your backyard or your favorite picnic spot. Take your throw with you to create an ambiance in any place you choose to venture. Some blanket styles complement your outdoor furniture nicely, creating a beautiful, welcoming space next to your at-home fire pit. Snuggle up with s’mores and your favorite beverage with a summertime throw.

Personalized Decor

Add your own touch with a personalized throw blanket. Go beyond the basic initials and add a custom touch to your throw blanket decor. Use your favorite quote, your kid’s favorite animal, or a funny saying. Add important dates, like family birthdays, your wedding date, or another major milestone. Keep it fun and unique to your household. Ask your family what they would like to see embroidered on a blanket. Or even opt to create your own personalization as a fun DIY project.

Different Textures

Textures do a lot to create an intriguing element to any room. Thanks to their varied textures and design, throw blankets offer up an array of different ways to add texture to a room. For rooms that have sleek, delicate lines, consider a faux fur throw blanket. This unexpected, fluffy texture adds just a touch of softness, which beckons you to cozy up with your space. Overstuffed couches, pillows, and chairs could use the lightness of a linen throw. This makes you feel cozy, yet airy. Add a textured throw on top of different duvet covers in your home. Use fun colors and happy prints for your kiddos’ rooms, while you can use anything that makes your bedroom feel vibrant and welcoming. Play with different textures that mix and match with your current decor to add an inviting element into your space.

Match Materials

Use throws to flow with the seasons. For example, in the wintery months, pair a soft, wooly throw blanket with flannel sheets for extra warmth and cozy vibes. In the summer, opt for loosely knit throw blankets that allow for plenty of airflow. This light layer adds to a summery decor and is also helpful for those warmer nights.

Overall, using a throw blanket to revamp the feel of a space isn’t rocket science. Choose complementary colors, add in fun prints, or use texture to create unique decor elements to any space. The best part about decorating with throw blankets is they are functional too. Choose materials that are well suited for the environment they inhabit. The result is a fresh look to any space, without breaking the bank.

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