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Eight Ways to Style With Denim (That Aren’t Pants)

Eight Ways to Style With Denim (That Aren’t Pants)

When most people hear the word "denim," their minds automatically go to blue jeans. It makes sense, considering that’s the most common way to wear denim, after all. But it may be worth exploring a whole world of denim clothing items and accessories instead of just denim bottoms. So whether you are a big fan of denim or you are just looking for new materials and clothing pieces to experiment with, take a look at a few of the ways you can style denim.

A Denim Summer Dress

A denim sundress is the essence of a rustic, quaint summer. You can just imagine yourself tilling in the garden in your dependable, rugged denim dress or hosting a casual ladies luncheon at your home in a denim midi dress or tall maxi dress with adorable buttons on the front. It’s an easy go-to because it’s both casual and stylish and can be worn for multiple occasions: a family picnic, a day at the park, a spring cleaning day in your home. If you want to supplement your normally very bright and floral sundress collection with something a bit different, opt for a denim sundress.

A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a fashion staple that belongs in every woman’s closet. Like the color black, it’s never going out of style, and it’s remarkably versatile. It can be worn every season with countless outfits, from a gorgeous peach-colored sundress to black jeans to a print, pleated midi skirt. It’s a practical yet trendy choice that instantly enhances a stylish outfit.

A Denim Button-Up Shirt

A denim button-up shirt differs from a denim jacket in that it is worn as a first layer instead of a second. A denim button-up shirt is a great piece to have during the spring and fall seasons and pairs well with white women’s capri pants, denim jeans, and women’s khaki pants or shorts. It’s an excellent casual clothing piece that even works well in certain professional settings.

Denim Rompers and Overalls

Rompers are all the rage at the moment, and whether you prefer the more casual, rugged, I’m-ready-to-get-my-hands-in-the-dirt-and-work look or something you can wear to brunch, there are many denim styles to choose from. Denim overall shorts are a great casual look for those days when you anticipate doing many yard work around the house. If you want to make a bit of a fashion statement, invest in a wide-leg denim romper. It’s super '70s, and the long style elongates and accentuates your whole frame.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are probably the second most popular and commonly known clothing staple (next to denim jeans, of course). Denim shorts, like denim jeans, come in so many styles. If you like the buttoned-up, high-rise jeans look with a rolled-up hem and a light wash, go for it! If you like mid-rise cut-off jeans with a frayed hem, there are plenty of those too! You can even get a little more adventurous in your fashion choices and go for denim shorts with several different patched washes. It’s quaint and charming and looks great on those late spring days when you just want to work with something less conventional.

A Denim Purse

We’re not just talking about clothing pieces here, and there are plenty of denim accessories to work with, too, like denim purses! Like any other handbag, denim purses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. A cute little wristlet wallet nicely compliments a spring outfit, or, if you need a bigger bag for all your personal items, an oversized denim tote is equally as stylish.

Denim Hair Accessories

Since we are on the subject of denim accessories, we can’t forget about denim hair accessories. Think about virtually any type of hair accessory, and you can find a denim version. Loving the scrunchie comeback we’ve seen lately? Make the look even more of a vintage throwback by investing in a denim scrunchie. Also, drooling over the resurgence of headbands? Why not feed into that nostalgia and get a denim version of the chic headband? Other fun denim hair accessories include a denim bandana and denim hair scarves, both choices that will elevate your cute hairdo.

Denim Shoes

Yes, denim shoes are just as trendy as denim hair accessories and denim clothing items. The most popular choices for denim shoes include denim sneakers, denim ballet flats, and wedge sandals with denim straps. And if you think it’s possible to go overboard with denim, think again. A denim sundress with denim wedge sandals creates a chic, laidback springtime look.

Feeling the urge to start adding new denim pieces to your wardrobe? Consider a few of the items we mentioned here to broaden your selection and expand your outfit choices.

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