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4 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, and while you can splurge on Dad whenever you want, this special holiday gives you a good excuse to spare no expense where his needs are concerned. This is the ultimate day to treat him to something special, whether it’s takeout from his favorite restaurant, a visit to his favorite park, or a thoughtful surprise that he’s been hinting about for weeks. Here are a few Father’s Day gifts to keep in mind.

A Beach Chair

Sure, he’s got the requisite personalized beach towel, comfortable swim trunks, and the vital sunscreen. But does he have an epic beach chair that promises to last? If not, he’s going to be thrilled that you thought to surprise him with a comfortable chair that he can use on the sand or by the pool.

Look for a truly covetable chair that doesn’t require much work. He shouldn’t have to assemble something piece by piece, especially on Father’s Day. The less effort required, the easier it will be for him to test out right away. Check features like weight capacity and material, too. Many products are designed to resist corrosion, so he doesn’t have to worry about an unsightly rusty finish developing with regular use.

A Dress Shirt

Even if he’s working primarily from home now, there’s always room in the closet for a men’s dress shirt or two. This is the type of wardrobe classic that will never fail you – or him. Think about his existing shirt collection before you commit to a style. Is it largely made up of neutrals and simple shades? If so, you might want to surprise him with something unexpected, like a pattern that he might not typically select for himself.

If he generally favors neutral colors, however, and you know for a fact that he’s not interested in wearing prints, then stick with what he loves. Crisp button-front shirts look stylish, and are destined to be key parts of his wardrobe for years! Look for details that make his life simpler, like straight collars and no-iron fabrics that hold their appearance and shape through countless wears and multiple washes.

A Cardigan

If there’s one thing he can always use, it’s a comfortable sweater. He may have one or two tried-and-true, trusty favorites that he wears as a matter of routine, but there’s no harm in shaking up his wardrobe just a little bit. Men’s cardigan sweaters are available in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy for you to find one that’s just right for him.

Not sure where to start? First, check out the closure. The traditional cardigan features buttons that extend down the front. He may already have a few of these in his closet, or he might need a new one if he’s worn the same style for years and years. More contemporary versions feature zip fronts, which add a fashionable edge to an otherwise classic piece. Yet they’re just as enduring as button-front versions, and he can easily wear it in the same way – with everything from pressed chinos to the office to jeans on weekends.

A Work Bag

If Dad’s the type to carry a heavy load when he heads to the office, he needs a tech bag to keep his valuable devices, documents, and other essentials safe while in transport. Look for bags made with thick, foolproof materials that are designed to hold substantial weight with ease. Just as important, however, is the quality of the straps. They should be thick, sturdy, and able to support the weight without causing any uncomfortable strain on his back or shoulders.

As styles go, there are options – many of them. The best bags feature multiple pockets, along with padded spaces to keep laptops and tablets safe from jostling and bumping when he’s on the move. Some bags even feature water bottle pockets for added convenience. If he’s a busy commuter, this type of bag has the potential to be his constant companion.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Finding the ultimate Father’s Day gift is easy when you think about what he loves. Focus on his general interests, whether it’s going to football games (a flannel shirt is a great option!) or playing golf (try a putting kit so he can practice his swing at home!). No matter what you give, remember to leave a personalized touch to make it even more special. A thoughtful card, a sweet video message from you and the grandkids, and a treat from his favorite bakery will sweeten up his day in an instant.

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