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Fall Style FAQ | Lands' End

Fall style answers to the questions you want to ask most.

Though it marks a transition that some may dread- summer to winter- meaning shorter days and cooler temps, there are still so many things to love about FALL. Halloween, football games, leaves changing color, and breaking out all your favorite autumn outfits, of course!

Maybe you’re feeling like it’s time for a big fall clothes rehaul? Or you’re just looking for a few additions to your favorites? Perhaps you just want to know more what looks we love for this season?

Let’s jump right into this pile of questions and answers about some of Lands’ End fall styles.

Q: I’ve noticed cashmere is a popular fabric people really love to wear, especially in the fall. What makes it so special?

A: Cashmere is the softest of them all! Our cashmere sweaters are sourced from Inner Mongolia, home to the world’s finest cashmere. Because it is the best of the best, it is the most luxurious, soft and smooth cashmere possible. The longest, softest fibers are spun together to ensure our sweaters are light enough to layer, and substantial enough to wear on their own, making them a versatile choice to complement so many pieces in your wardrobe. We have many different styles of cashmere sweaters, including cashmere turtlenecks, cardigans and cashmere tunics.

Q: Jeans are great to have for fall, but how do I know which fit is best for me?

A: It is true that finding the perfect women’s jeans means finding the perfect fit. It’s about whatever pair you feel most comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to try them on; that is best way to tell which fit is most comfortable for you. Notice the stretch in the denim. Make sure you can move enough in them to sit, cross your legs and bend your knees. Ensure the waistband sits where you want it to, too. You don’t want your jeans falling down, gapping or sagging. Once you’ve found the right fit, look into different leg shapes. You want to find the one that will accentuate your body shape, so you feel confident. Bootcut jeans work well for hourglass figures, while straight leg jeans work best for petites.

Q: I’m looking for a rain jacket that will keep me dry. Will a water-resistant jacket do that?

A: There are three different levels of water protection: water-resistant, water-repellant and waterproof. A water-resistant finish makes the jacket resist water getting in to some degree but not entirely. Water-repellant jackets are not easily penetrated by water and have a surface coating, however it is still possible for you to get wet if the rain is really coming down. If you are looking for a rain jacket to keep you completely dry, aim for waterproof. It is impossible for water to get in to a waterproof jacket. We suggest a classic women’s raincoat for full coverage in a storm.

Q: What is the difference between Lands’ End flannel shirt and flannel tunic top?

A: Both the women’s flannel shirt and women’s flannel tunic shirt are made from pure cotton flannel, soft and brushed. The main differences lie in the detailing and length. The tunic top has a low/high hem that is longer in the back, perfect to pair with skinny jeans or leggings. It also has a pleated bib front, a rounded band neckline and roll sleeves to give it a more feminine look. The flannel shirt covers your hips and works both tucked and untucked. It is more of a relaxed fitting shirt with a traditional buttondown look and a classic collar. Both are fabulous to wear in the fall!

Q: What should I look for in a cute fall boot?

A: Boots made with high quality suede and leather won’t be stiff and uncomfortable, but softer and more flexible. They won’t feel like they need to be broken in. Midcalf leather flat boots have a look that won’t hug your legs too tight and are still fully supported with foam footbeds and rubber soles. Plus, they look adorable with everything…leggings, jeans, dresses and skirts alike. Your feet will thank you for putting on shoes that are comfy to last through whatever your favorite fall outdoor activities are!

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