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A Guide to Choosing Fall Themed Home Decor

A Guide to Choosing Fall Themed Home Decor

Crisp fall days are just around the corner, marking a shift in the year, the weather, and the amount of time we spend indoors. Fall offers up an exciting visual reminder that change is constant, and that there's beauty in each new chapter we begin. One way to keep that feeling going all year is to bring fall indoors, with decor that sparks that fire within you.

If you want decor that can stay out for every season, try veering toward more neutral colors, like tans, greens, and maroon. However, if you're looking to bring the holiday spirit, try bolder colors like orange, red, and brown. Read on for tips on how to choose fall-themed decor.

Fall Colors

You can always keep it subtle by adjusting the accents and colors you design your home with. If you want your home to be fall-themed all year long, you can plan your wall colors based on the ones you love most about fall, or choose accent walls for a pop of color. If you're not able to — or just don't want to — put paint on walls, you can always find picture frames, vases, or other objects, to place around the house to give that calm, fall feel.

Decide what parts of fall are your favorites. Is it the falling leaves, the pumpkin spice, or Halloween? Your color scheme might vary drastically depending on what aspects you want to bring into your home. Are you looking for the muted tones of a forest path or jewel tones to bring in the bold color of the turning leaves? The colors you choose will help set the specific autumnal atmosphere you love so much.

Living Room

We spend a ton of time in the living room with both family and friends, so make sure you love the space as much as the quality time. If you prefer seasonal accents (rather than all-year decor), get a couple of throw pillows you can pull out from the closet or some cozy throw blankets that you store until the weather starts to cool down. Make sure they work with the colors of your full-time furniture, like the couch, carpet, and curtains.

If what you're looking for is a home that feels like fall all year, you can get a little bit bolder with your living room choices. Update your curtains, paint or accent the walls, and get some items up on the tables or mantle that remind you of the parts you love most about fall.

Having fall-scented candles like pumpkin, cinnamon, apple pie, vanilla, and cranberry will instantly transform your home into a haven for fall lovers, no matter what other decor you've set out. Essential oil diffusers are another way to make any room the embodiment of autumn. If you prefer earthy smells over sweet, choose woodsy scents like cedar, clove, nutmeg, or sage.


With the heat of summer fading, many of us are already in the process of redesigning our bedrooms to ensure we stay warm and cozy at night. Nothing feels more like the start of fall than when we bring out the comforters You can get creative with your palette here since this room is all about you! Choose colors that make you smile or bring in the spice, like different shades of greens and tans, or oranges, reds, and burgundies.

Depending on how much cooler fall gets, you might also want to grab a set of flannel sheets so you stay cozy, warm, and full of fall feelings. Keep in mind: Flannel isn't always plaid! You can find flannel sheets in countless colors and patterns, so choose the set (or sets) that you love best.


You can create a whole-home fall vibe, curate a specific feel for each room in the house, or simply focus on certain rooms to update each season. For the latter, the lowest impact room is the bathroom, where you can easily switch out bath mats shower curtains, and hand towels to match your seasonal ambiance. Make it fun for the little ones and bring out some bright Halloween-colored kids' towels for bath time.

If you don't have a ton of storage space for extra towels and mats, buy one set of everything in a neutral color that matches your fall sensibilities, and pick different decorative items to spice the room up for fall instead. You can easily store seasonal soaps or soap dispensers under the bathroom sink, which is another fun way to bring the feeling of fall into the home. You can also hang up fall-themed pictures or fall-colored picture frames to bring the room together.

Fall In Love With Your Decor

Want to keep it super simple? You can always buy or make a wreath for the front door that beautifully displays bright fall leaves or dried golden wheat. Keep your accents obvious — the pumpkins by the front door, festive centerpieces on the table, hanging maze in the kitchen, for example.

Whatever you choose, don't settle for something you aren't wild about just because it matches. Find pieces that light up your inner jack-o-lantern and bring the spirit of the season into your home.

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