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fall to winter sweater guide

5 Sweater Styles to Help You Transition from Fall to Winter

Hey, did you feel that? It was Jack Frost, and he just officially nipped at your nose. Whether we're ready or not, winter is on the way. If changing temperatures during the changing seasons create wardrobe challenges for you, don't worry: There's a sweater solution for almost every fall-to-winter situation.

These five essential women's sweaters are the foundation you need to stay comfortable – and stylish – from Labor Day until New Year's.

Pullover Sweaters

The most classic sweater style, pullover sweaters are flexible tops that have an important role in any fall-to-winter wardrobe.

Why pullovers are great for the change of seasons: Pullovers come in a broad range of materials and knits, which means you can find options that are just right for the forecast you're facing. Cotton and linen are lighter materials, while wool and cashmere sweaters can keep you extra warm on cooler days.

Pullover style ideas: Pullover sweaters are amazingly versatile style-wise. You can dress them up, pairing them with eye-catching jewelry, a skirt, or your going-out jeans and a great pair of heels for a night-out look. Or you can keep them more casual, layering a pullover over a cute collared top that'll show at the collar and sleeves, and finishing that look with your favorite pair of kicks for when things are a little more laid back.

Sweater Tunics

When you've found something good, go big with it! A sweater tunic top is a way to go big with warm clothing – a wardrobe-making piece that can turn running-around-town leggings or jeans into a stylish outfit that's cozy on cold days.

Why sweater tunics are great for the change of seasons: Sweater tunics are like a warm hug that you can wear with style. They're perfect for days when it's not quite cool enough for a jacket. They're also an easy grab-and-wear item that you can layer over another top, like a t-shirt or tank top, for cooler days.

Sweater tunic and sweater dress style ideas: Sweater tunics pair well with bold choices, like leather leggings and super-slim-cut jeans, along with attention-grabbing fall favorites, including tall boots and statement-making jewelry.


The defining characteristic of cardigan sweaters is that you can slip them on and off easily, like a jacket. When temperatures are all over the map, that easy-on/easy-off ability is a seasonal-change superpower, one that's especially valuable when you're moving between places that have different thermostat settings.

Why cardigans are great for the change of seasons: Like pullovers, cardigans are made with a wide range of fabrics and knits, which means that there are options for whatever the thermometer says. And if you think cardigans are all alike, then it's time to take a fresh look: They come in a huge array of styles, from preppy button-up sweater sets to flowing wraps, or even more tailored looks, like knit blazers.

Cardigan style ideas: Because you wear a cardigan with a layer underneath, you have double the opportunities to style your outfit. Paired with a pretty silky tank top or blouse – and maybe even cinched with a belt – a cardigan is a soft and elegant option for work or a night out. Combine it with a contrasting turtleneck, and you've got a warmer combo that's great to wear with boots, tights and a skirt in casual settings.

Turtleneck Sweaters

There's nothing better for fighting chilly breezes than to cover your neck, which is why turtleneck sweaters are a fashion favorite in the fall and winter seasons. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks keep chills from creeping down your spine while giving you a pulled-together style.

Why turtlenecks are great for the change of seasons: Lighter weight turtlenecks are layering all-stars, providing plenty of keep-warm coverage without a ton of bulk. There's virtually nothing that they can't be matched up with, from your favorite sweatshirt to your very best interview suit.

Turtleneck style ideas: Turtleneck sweaters can be layered under matching cardigans or under pullover sweaters, which creates a terrific keep-warm combo. But they can also be paired with other clothing, such as blazers, or worn under sleeveless tops or dresses. And of course, they can be worn on their own, accessorized with your favorite earrings or a statement necklace.

Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses come in shapes and lengths that flatter every body type. They're a great way to boost the cozy in your fall-to-winter style.

Why sweater dresses are great for the change of seasons: Sweater dresses stand on their own as a warm alternative to most other types of dresses, but they also pair well and can be layered with other sweaters for warmth when the days get colder.

Sweater dress style ideas: Sweater dresses can be as dramatic or laid-back as you'd like, depending on your choice of accessories. Add high heels and delicate jewelry or a scarf for an elegant look, or go funky with colorful layers and legwear.

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