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Christmas Family Pajamas: Which Pattern is Best for Your Family?

There are certain things that are universally accepted as holiday traditions: kissing under the mistletoe; decorating the Christmas tree; and getting the whole family to dress up in matching Christmas pajamas. Whether you're planning to wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning or pose for a cute holiday card family portrait, or even to enjoy throughout the whole month of December, we're here for it. So much so, that we've come up with a few handy tips to help you find the perfect matching family Christmas pajamas that everyone in your family—from your preteen to your pet—will get a kick out of.

Festive Patterns

Although pajamas aren't exactly the article of clothing one would wear to the grocery store or a holiday party, they are something you can still use to make a fashion statement, even if you're making that statement in your own home. Leave no doubt in anyone's mind that you and your family are celebrating the holiday season by adorning yourselves in festive print pajamas all done up with cute little elves, snowmen, or whatever else fits your fancy.

Go Solid or Go Home

Who says your pajamas have to be patterned to be festive? Solid-colored nightwear works just as well, especially if you plan to "accessorize" it with items like fur moccasin slippers. You can always stick to traditional holiday-themed colors like red or green, too. You might opt for blue cotton pajama sets or integrate a bit of pattern by pairing a solid-colored pajama top with plaid flannel pants. When it comes down to it, you can still pull of a very festive look even if you decide to stick to the basics.

Classic Plaid

You can never go wrong with flannel pajamas during the holiday season. They're cute and cozy and will feel just as good as they look. Thinking green and black checkered plaid with hints of red? Perfect. Maybe red, green, and white? Also, fabulous. Or maybe you are thinking about something a little less Christmas Day and a little more for all season long; in that case, you can never go wrong with a green and white print flannel pajama set. At first glance, plaid may seem overdone, but you will soon discover all the many variations of plaid and how you can orchestrate the patterns into your matching Christmas pajamas theme.

Layer it Up

Who says you have to confine yourself to pajamas and pajamas alone? Christmas is the time of year when going over the top is considered acceptable. Don't limit yourself to nighties or flannel pajama sets; get the family all bundled up in matching slippers and blankets and robes. This seems especially practical if you live in a cold climate where the winter season feels like it's nine months long. Christmas Day and every day leading up to it will be all the more festive when plush, warm blankets are strewn about the living room furniture and you find your kids ready for movie night, all cozied up in their fuzzy robes. And even if you are striving for the matching Christmas pajama theme, there's no rule that says any two robes must look the same. Picture it: a green, black, and red checkered men's flannel robe for dad, a flannel sherpa-lined robe for mom, and some hooded fleece robes for the kids. Think of robes as a way to complement rather than counter the look of the matching pajama theme.

Get the Whole Family Involved in the Process

It's no secret that teenagers can be especially picky about what they wear. It makes sense, as they are coming into their own as young adults and therefore will have their own style. When the kids are younger, it may be a bit easier to convince everyone in the family to wear matching pajamas, though even toddlers can be extremely particular about what they want to put on and what they don't. For these reasons, it's best to get input from the kids on matching pajama ideas.

Getting everyone in the family to wear matching pajamas is a family affair, so it's best to have each member involved from the start. Do the online shopping together; show the kids the different options and see which one is the most popular. The last thing you want to do is pick out pajamas that the kids have no interest in wearing.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the process of finding the "perfect" matching Christmas pajamas, just remember to take a step back and breathe. This is supposed to be fun! Get everyone involved to lessen the load and make memories with your kids as you go on the hunt to find the cutest, most hilarious, coziest pajamas that every member of the family can wear.

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