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Matching Family Pajamas for Christmas Eve

Nothing creates a fun, festive mood like matching family Christmas pajamas. Find the perfect styles to celebrate the beauty of the holiday and get cozy together on Christmas Eve.

Why Matching Family Pajamas on Christmas Eve Is a New Tradition

Families across the nation are choosing to spend Christmas Eve in comfort and fun, thanks to the matching pajamas trend. Kids and parents alike love this new tradition for a variety of reasons. Wearing the matching PJs lends a sense of closeness to families, promoting a sense of togetherness, and kids look forward to getting a special pair of new pajamas in a fun style. The bonding and joy of enjoying each other’s company and having unfettered family time on Christmas Eve leads to wonderful memories the whole family will treasure. Plus, both adult and kids’ pajamas are perfect for taking cute family photos!

Tips for Choosing Family Christmas Pajamas

There are so many options for matching family Christmas pajamas, it can leave you dizzy! From cute prints to classic plaids and nightgowns to henley and flannel pant sets, there are lots of choices. To help narrow them down, consider the following shopping tips:

  • Look for fabrics like flannel, cotton blends or fleece to make sure everyone in the family is warm and cozy. That way everyone can spend the wonderful evening in comfort.
  • Decide on how “matchy” the family wants to be. If Dad doesn’t want to match completely, for example, maybe the guys can go for white tops and plaid pajama pants, and the girls can don matching nightgowns or print pajamas.
  • Check sizing carefully before ordering so no one ends up wearing something too tight or too large.
  • Think about what the right style is for the family. Does everyone agree on a cute, fun style like a whimsical Christmas print, or are classic stripes or plaids preferred?
  • Decide whether photos will be taken on Christmas Eve with the family in the pajamas. What colors will look best for the photo and complement the background or decor?
  • Choose quality construction and fabrics so that everyone can wear the PJs beyond Christmas Eve and stay cozy all winter long.
  • Include girls’ or boys’ slippers with the PJs.

When and How to Give the Christmas Eve PJs

Even if you are looking for matching pajamas to spend Christmas Eve in together, you can decide to gift them sooner, if you prefer. Giving them in a special way also adds to the fun. Some options for when and how to give the PJs are:

  • Surprise kids with them on December 1, so they can spend the whole month wearing them and getting excited for Christmas Eve.
  • Place them on kids’ pillows on the last day of school before Christmas break, so they are surprised with them when they come home from school.
  • On Christmas Eve, have them in a box on the front porch with a tag that says, “Special Delivery From the North Pole.”
  • Hide the pajamas somewhere in the house, and then create a set of clues that will lead kids to them.
  • A few days before Christmas, ask children to put away a stack of their clothes from the laundry room, and hide the pajamas on the bottom for a Christmas surprise.

Fun Ways to Spend Christmas Eve in Family Pajamas

The fleece or flannel pajamas have been picked out, delivered and gifted, so when Christmas Eve rolls around, it’s time to get cozy and have tons of fun. Think of special things to do as a family that will create unique traditions and long-lasting memories. Try creating a hot cocoa bar with different hot cocoa flavors, flavored whipped cream and fun toppings like chocolate sprinkles or crushed candy canes. Sit around the fireplace and talk while everyone sips hot cocoa together. Have everyone get in their PJs, then pop up a batch of homemade popcorn and curl up together on the couch to watch all the family’s favorite Christmas movies. Other ideas of things to do on Christmas Eve in matching pajamas include:

  • Have cookies and milk and listen to funny Christmas songs together.
  • Gather up the family’s favorite Christmas books and have a Christmas Eve read-in.
  • Form teams, and have each team act out a scene from a Christmas movie while the other team guesses what the movie is.
  • Play classic family games like charades or Christmas-themed board games.
  • Plan a holiday party with friends and family, and invite everyone to wear their matching holiday PJs!
  • Make a simple Christmas craft together.
  • Play a round of Christmas trivia together and finish the night with eggnog.
  • Make a homemade Christmas ornament together, and place it in a special place on the tree.
  • Throw on everyone’s winter coats over their pajamas, and drive around town to see all the Christmas lights.

Fun and Family

Wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve only adds to the wonder of the holiday. Make Christmas extra special with a set of Christmas PJs this year!

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