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Flannel Pajamas

FAQ: What do we know about flannel pajamas?

We’re no strangers to the idyllic comfort that flannel pajamas bring along in their stride. They’re charming, they’re a great gift, and the best flannel pajamas are – without a doubt – an American classic.

Do we know everything we need to know about flannel pajamas? It seems like we all grew up with an understanding that they’re the default option for sleepwear, no questions asked.

Let’s take a look at common questions regarding flannel pajamas and see where fleece comes into play.

What are flannel pajamas?

Flannel pajamas are the go-to choice for those who want to get a sound night of rest in comfy pjs without overheating. They’ll keep you warm but they won’t trap heat in.

  • The colder the weather the more likely you’ll want to wear both a flannel pajama top and bottom. If you’re not excited for a higher electric or gas bill, rely on your flannel pajamas to keep you warm during those winter months.
  • Flannel pajamas are perfect for getting around the house in the morning, or after a nighttime shower. Having a default outfit for those early and later parts of the day can help to create a regular routine. When you throw on your pajamas you’ll feel right at home.

What is flannel made of?

Flannel is made of cotton. You may have guessed “a little slice of heaven” and that seems to be right on the nose too. The best and only flannel is 100% cotton.

As a side note, people tend to think of flannel as the plaid pattern, but flannel is the way that cotton is woven into a fabric. Technically you could have flannel pajamas that are a solid color but where’s the fun in that?

What are fleece pajamas?

Fleece pajamas are an excellent alternative to flannel pajamas. When you’re looking for a pair of pajamas that will defy coffee spills and a vengeful drying machine, fleece will be your more durable choice.

  • Fleece got a bad name from all the static electricity it would build up. These days, fleece pajamas are safe to wear for those who are wary of touching doorknobs after crossing a carpet.

What’s the difference between fleece and flannel pajamas?

While the differences between the two are mostly how they’re produced, the main appeal of one over the other is based on what you think is best for you.

  • The difference between fleece and flannel pajamas is the material. While flannel is made of cotton, fleece is made of polyester.
  • Polyester is more water-resistant than cotton.
  • Polyester is also more resistant to wear and tear than a cotton-based fabric.
  • While both are durable in their own right, fleece pajamas are popular for their warming properties. You’ll find fleece retains heat better than flannel.
  • In terms of bedding, think of flannel as a top sheet while fleece is more of a comforter.

What is the warmest material for pajamas?

The warmest material for pajamas is fleece. Each person has a preference but if you’re dealing with the chill factor more than you’d like, then you’re more likely to prefer fleece.

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