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4 Farmhouse-Inspired Decorating Ideas for Christmas

4 Farmhouse-Inspired Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Just think of it as the magic of making merry. Transforming your cozy abode into a winter wonderland is one of the most exciting aspects of the season. It’s a wonderful time to pull out your favorite seasonal accents — think stunning Christmas wreaths and sparkling ornaments — and give your home a festive makeover.

And if you happen to be inspired by farmhouse architecture, you aren’t alone. That warm and welcoming quality exudes charm, making it the perfect decorative option if you really want to elevate your home’s holiday appeal. But can you make that happen if you live in, say, a modern house or one that’s far more traditional? With the right accents, anything is possible. Here are some suggestions to make your farmhouse-inspired Christmas decoration dreams a reality.

Warm Up the Living Room

It’s hard to resist the inviting warmth of a farmhouse-inspired living room. What makes it so? There are several ways you can give yours that coveted quaint upgrade. Begin with the color palette. Focus on pieces you can easily swap, like the throw pillows on your couch and chairs or the centerpiece on the coffee table. Replace them with pieces in shades of red, green, gold, and silver — classic holiday hues that instantly set the tone for a merrier space.

Then start adding other accents. Dress up the mantel with some lush greenery and add a string of twinkling lights or a few vibrant ornaments. When choosing holiday stockings, look for styles that evoke the same sense of comfort and familiarity as traditional farmhouse settings. Needlepoint stockings in plaid, or plush stockings with pompoms, are perfect for this decorative environment.

Embrace a Few Rustic Elements

A little bit of rustic goes a long way in a farmhouse-inspired home. It’s the inherently laid-back charm of this decorative style that fits so well. Vintage Christmas decorations are ideal. Keep things subtle in a more contemporary space — choose an old-world candle tin, for example, or a few ceramic accents, to lend your home that farmhouse-tinged vibe.

If your home features a more traditional layout, there are many easy ways to incorporate some additional farmhouse flavor. Add a berry garland to the staircase to bring a touch of the outside indoors. Try a holiday-inspired birdhouse with an aged finish just outside the door to really elevate that rustic feel. Add a floral centerpiece tucked into a galvanized metal vase for that distinctive finishing touch.

Get Cozy in the Kitchen

The kitchen and the dining room are both joys to decorate during the holiday season. You can do so in many different ways. Now is the time to introduce those bright and beautiful Christmas kitchen and dining sets to your home. Use a tablecloth or a table runner with a warm, old-fashioned pattern — something like a red plaid or a one adorned with classic reindeer imagery. Use napkin rings adorned with mistletoe for a playful finishing touch.

In the kitchen, place a few festive snacks out — use the fresh-baked sweets found in so many traditional farmhouses as your inspiration, such as pies and cookies. Set out a sampler full of sweet and salty snacks, or place a tin of English butter toffee or caramel candies on the table. The idea is to create a warm and homey atmosphere where everyone spends time with one another while enjoying some delicious treats. It’s completely in keeping with the wonderfully warm ambiance found in the classic farmhouse.

Create the Coziest Bedroom Ever

As you settle in after a long day of Christmas shopping, holiday baking, or entertaining, you want to keep that festive spirit going — and that begins with some joyous bedroom décor. Of course, it’s also important to keep the space calm and soothing. Softer tones help lull you into a more relaxed state so you drift off to dreamland more easily. Don’t overlook the simplicity and efficacy of a cozy Christmas throw draped on the bed or a dainty little tree in one corner of the room.

If you have a chair or a sofa in the room, swap the throw pillows with holiday-inspired designs. Scent the air with your favorite candles; notes of fir, ivy, pine, spice, sugar, pomegranate, and apple all resonate wonderfully with the season. They’ll put you in the holiday spirit in an instant, and you’ll love the warm glow that spreads throughout the room when you dim the lights, too.

Whether you take a subtle approach or prefer to go all-out in your farmhouse-inspired design efforts, there’s no question you’ll feel ready for the holiday season when you implement a few of these suggestions. Scents, colors, and textures all play important roles and all contribute to the essence of the look and mood that you want to convey. When all of these come together in perfect harmony, you’ll feel it in every room. What a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

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