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Women's fleece

Fashionable Fleece: 5 Styles You'll Love

Fleece is amazing. When fleece became a wardrobe sensation in the '90s, this material can do so many great things. After all, it's light enough to carry anywhere. It's also cozy, soft to the touch, great for insulation, and water-resistant, not to mention quick-drying, too.

All this fabulous functionality might distract you from yet another really great thing about fleece: It can be just as fashionable as it is useful.

Find your favorite fleece fashion piece so you can reap the practical benefits of this wonder fabric and look really stylish while you're doing it.

The Fleece Vest

A fleece vest is a great choice for a chilly autumn walk. But it's not just for exercise. A fleece vest can also be the perfect choice for a day you'll spend running errands, as it will keep your core temperature warm as you dart from the car into stores or offices.

To make it a style winner, choose a base layer that pops against your vest, like a long-sleeved top or a turtleneck in a bold color, and you'll grab attention with your bright, high-energy vibe.

You can take this to the next level by adding accessories with some fashionable zing, like a thick bracelet, a large-faced watch, or even with a statement necklace or earrings to create maximum style impact.

The Fleece Cardigan

There are many reasons the fleece cardigan is a layering favorite: It's light and easy to carry on the go, it's soft, and it doesn't wrinkle. It's a breeze to pull on or off as the temperature changes, especially when that seems to happen constantly during the change of seasons.

But you can also win heaps of style points with a fleece cardigan, too. Simply pair it with a top that contrasts its practicality with an unexpectedly feminine style—think accents like ruffled details on the neck or sleeve. Or you can contrast the coziness by layering it over a top with a fun pattern that plays against the soft plushness of a fleece cardigan to create a fashion statement that you'll love.

The Fleece Tunic

You cannot beat a fleece tunic for comfort that makes you feel like you're actually wearing a hug. These soft, loose garments are amazing for creating outfits that exude cozy warmth.

The trick for making these oh-so-soft tops fashionable, however, is to create a bit of friendly energy in the rest of your outfit. You can start with your pants: Rather than repeating the loose fit of a fleece tunic, choose pants that go in the opposite direction and follow your shape closely, like skinny jeans or some great leggings.

Then complete the look by adding footwear that makes a statement. You could choose eye-grabbing tall boots or chunky ankle boots adorned with accents like sparkling chains or cheeky animal prints.

The Fleece Turtleneck

Turtlenecks, by their nature, can take a backseat in the statement-making category. But a fleece turtleneck has an advantage over traditional cotton tops when it comes to making an outfit pop because its soft texture stands out.

To create a fashionable style when you're wearing a fleece turtleneck, pick clothing with very different textures for the rest of your outfit. You might opt to add a pop of sharp metallics by wearing big, sparkling jewelry. Or you could choose to play against the fluffy texture of fleece with a bit of sleek smoothness by wearing it as a layer with a silky-soft skirt or dress.

You might even go for a bit of sturdy toughness by adding elements of leather, either with footwear or a skirt or pants featuring leather accents.

The Fleece Blazer

Since most of us associate fleece with more casual, outdoorsy fashion options, a fleece blazer will get attention no matter what, as its tailored lines are an unexpected option for one of our favorite beyond-the-office fabrics.

The fashion statement opportunity with a fleece blazer happens when you pair it with clothing that draws even more attention to it. You might choose a single contrasting color to wear for the rest of your outfit to make sure that the fleece blazer really stands out. Or you can play against the practicality of the fabric by matching the fleece blazer with something a little more feminine like a floaty, romantic dress or sleek, form-fitting pants.

Fleece not only makes you feel cozy, but it also gives your style a whole new way to shine this season.

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