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Men's Sweater

Finding the perfect men's winter sweater

It's the time of year when people start asking, "What's a good winter sweater choice?" and "When is it time to get out my wool sweaters?" and "Why doesn't the cafeteria serve chicken noodle soup every day instead of soups like 'Cream of Reuben'?"

These are good questions. Let's start with the easy ones.

Men's winter sweaters 101

Generally speaking, winter men's sweaters boast more subdued colors and heftier weights than their spring counterparts. They're often made of wool or cashmere or even heavy gauge cotton knit. (Although depending on color and heft, a so-called "winter" sweater might be just fine on a spring day.)

How to choose the right men's sweater

If you're looking for a dedicated winter sweater, answer these simple questions to discover which may be right for you:

Are you looking for a layer of warmth, i.e. a men's wool sweater?
Do you want to add a splash of color, such as a red men's cashmere sweater?
How often will you wear the sweater, i.e. do you need a Christmas Sweater for an office Christmas party?
Is it versatile enough for your needs, like a cotton Drifter™ sweater?
How much would you like to spend?
What's the capital of Wyoming?

If you answered any of these questions, you have way too much time on your hands and probably enjoy taking those online quizzes like Buzzfeed is always posting.

Bottom line

Men's sweaters are a very personal choice. The weight, the color and the style (V-neck? Crew neck? Cardigan?) are subjective and everyone will make a different wardrobe choice.

And to be honest, a lot of men have moved completely away from the traditional "men's sweater" to a cotton quarter-zip pullover because it's machine washable and extremely versatile.

To sum up, the choice is yours! And as for the cafeteria question, we agree that on any given day they should serve a chicken-based soup. "California Medley" and "Lasagna Soup" may have their place, but you can't go wrong with chicken.

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