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5 Jean Styles That Are Totally Trending This Fall

5 Jean Styles That Are Totally Trending This Fall

Women’s jeans are such an interesting article of clothing. They never go out of style, yet some evolve over time while others are permanent style staples. There is so much variety when it comes to jeans, too; as there are so many colors and cuts to choose from, not to mention how easy it is to take your jeans throughout the seasons. If you are getting excited about the coming fall season and all the opportunities it brings to show off your cute jean collection, check out some of the trendiest styles to try this fall.

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark jeans will be having their moment in the fall of 2021. Sure, they have always been around, and light wash jeans are not going away any time soon (still trendy), but dark jeans are going to be in the spotlight this year. From black jeans to distressed, dark blue jeans to gray jeans, dark jeans are most certainly in vogue. And dark jeans look good in any cut: skinny jeans, high-rise mom jeans, straight-leg jeans, and wide-leg jeans. So whatever your preferred cut is, you can find it in a dark wash color.

If you plan to wear a lot of dark jeans this fall, become familiar with your options regarding tops and footwear. Dark wash jeans are versatile, so you can beautifully pair them with a lighter or brighter top to contrast the look or something equally dark to create a monochromatic appearance. For footwear, square-toed leather boots give the entire outfit a real edge, especially when worn with straight-leg jeans. For skinny jeans, booties pair perfectly with them in either black or brown.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Really, who doesn’t love a pair of wide-leg jeans? There is so much room to move! With other styles like skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans, many people feel the cut is restrictive, tight, and uncomfortable. With wide-leg jeans, that is never a problem. Plus, wide-leg jeans give off that fun ’70s vibe and can be paired expertly with so many cute tops. Try a pair of wide-leg jeans with a cute, floral crop top or a simple, elegant white blouse. Tuck in the blouse, finish off with a belt and complete the look with a pair of statement heels. Now that’s an outfit fit for a Sunday morning brunch or the office.

Low-Rise Jeans

We can hear the whole world collectively shudder when they hear it, but the rumors are true: low-rise jeans are coming back. It’s not the end of the world, though. It doesn’t mean you have to throw out your favorite pair of high-rise jeans or feel daunted by the idea of wearing low-rise jeans. There are plenty of ways to make low-rise jeans look flattering! If you want more coverage on top, pair low-rise jeans with an oversized, lightweight sweater. Low-rise jeans also help create an edgy look, so if you are planning an adventurous night out with the girls and want to look effortlessly cool, combine low-rise jeans with your favorite band tee and layer with a black leather jacket. Finish the look with a pair of combat boots, and you have yourself the ultimate cool-girl look.

Skinny Jeans

You may have heard from your Gen Z child that skinny jeans are out, out, out! But not so fast; skinny jeans are a fashion staple, and the older generations can’t quite seem to part ways with them. There’s no reason to either since skinny jeans are here to stay (at least through Fall 2021). Skinny jeans are a great choice when you want to accentuate your frame and show off your figure. Like low-rise jeans, you can pair skinny jeans with a top that is slightly bigger or longer for contrast. Skinny jeans are also fabulous when aiming for that quintessential fall look: skinny jeans, a plaid flannel button-up, and duck boots.

Jeggings: The Comfy “Jeans”

Technically jeggings aren’t jeans. They are leggings designed to look like jeans. Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? When you are feeling like it may not be acceptable to go to a social function in just your regular lounge-around-the-house leggings or athletic leggings, but you still want to be comfortable, throw on a pair of jeggings! They come in different washes, from light to dark, and they go well with so many cute tops and footwear choices. A beautiful light pink tunic, a pair of jeggings, and cute heeled boots make a great outfit for any day out.

Can you feel yourself getting excited for the fall season and all the wardrobe options that come with it? Thinking your jean collection might need a bit of an update to meet the fashion trends you’ll see in 2021? Treat yourself to a new pair of jeans and explore all the options at Lands’ End today!

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