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Flannel Pajamas for the whole family

Flannel pajamas for the whole family. Here’s how to go full-on matchy-matchy and have fun with it.

Picture this: your whole family in matching flannel pajamas. Yes, you can do it. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's adorable. Yes, it will be a fond memory and you'll remember it for years to come.

First choose how far you want to take your Christmas matching pajamas. Want matching flannel shirts and pajama pants? Easy. Top your flannel sleep pants with a tee. Go all in? Flannel sleep sets are perfect. Dad's a robe guy? We have flannel robes too. Flannel for girls, boys, women and men. Those flannel separates look pretty snazzy too...long story short, Lands End has flannel for days.

We dare you to keep a straight face when you all meet at the breakfast table, everybody looking like lumberjacks with flapjacks.

"Nice flannel PJs, Mom."

"By the way, really like those kid’s flannel pajamas."

You'll have a stunning family photo, even better if you get your match on for a holiday card. (Pro tip: Get a flannel style picture frame and you've really nailed it.)

And if you play a game of hide and seek in the house, good luck finding anybody. Places to look: in between flannel sheets, behind flannel pillowcases, inside the flannel robe in the bathroom. If you're still having trouble the little ones might be right behind you.

Make this holiday season the first annual Flannelajama! What a mouthful, but honestly say it out loud and it will catch on. Friends and family are going to wish they had thought of that first and will likely want to join you. There you go: new holiday tradition.

Before you hit the checkout button in a flanneled haste, we have so many great slippers that will complete the look. Fleece Lined Suede Slippers, Shearling and Suede Mocs, quality options that will last beyond the holiday season.

Matchy-matchy is in, and it's in your budget.

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