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Four occasions perfect for your favorite flannel shirt

Four occasions and situations tailor-made for your favorite flannel shirt.

The Date.

The restaurant isn’t exactly dress code specific. You want to impress but you don't want to show up over- or under-dressed. Besides, this might be someone you want to travel the country with, go to the movies with, or kick back at home and cook up a hot dish with. Pull out your favorite flannel shirt. It’s the fastest way to show off your softer side. What should you pair it with? That’s half the fun. Toss it over a pencil skirt with a pair of white sneakers. Go traditional with your flannel shirt tucked into a great pair of jeans, or left untucked, paired with your low-heeled leather boots. As a side note it's only a first date faux pas if you arrive carrying a half empty pizza box and just woke up.

The Beach.

Oh sure, it's 45 degrees outside, and the only way you see yourself swimming is if the canoe flips (which has definitely happened before), but this is the kind of flannel shirt day you've been waiting to have all season. Calm, quiet, free from the daily noise. The cool lake breeze coming in...Picture yourself dressed in a flannel shirt, down vest, jeans and duck boots. Catch a sunrise or stay for the sunset.

The High School Reunion.

Maybe it's the five year reunion where you get a sneak preview of all the weddings you'll be going to, or the 10th year reunion where there are more babies than recognizable faces. Maybe you’ve arrived at a place in your career you always wanted to be, or maybe you’re just starting out. Either way, a classic flannel shirt tells the world you’re still the honest, humble friend they always knew. Success won’t change you.

The Bachelorette Party.

Before the bride requests all the bridesmaids to wear something they'll never wear again, before the broken stiletto heels, before the embarrassing speeches, and before the dramatic friend-destroying bouquet toss, there is one last hurrah. That flannel tunic will vouch for you till death do you part.

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