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Fun Family Fall Activities

Fun Family Activities for Fall

Is there anything more perfect than a family day at the beach where the kids actually entertain themselves for hours without begging you for time in front of some electronic device? Luckily fall can offer just as much fun for the whole family as summer without ever having to put on a one-piece swimsuit. Check out my suggestions for 8 family activities you can enjoy this fall and get busy making those priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Take a hike:

Is there anything better than hiking your favorite trail in the fall, surrounded by the majestic reds, orange and yellows of the changing leaves? If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying a nature trail in full fall color then this should be the year you make it happen. Pack a picnic for your soon-to-be-hungry adventurers and spend an afternoon collecting leaves, watching wildlife and breathing in that fresh, crisp air. Just remember to dress in light layers for this outdoor activity as you'll probably warm up as your hike speeds up. Think fleece jackets, cozy flannel shirts and packable jackets in your hiking backpack in case the winds pick up.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch:

What screams fall more than a visit to the pumpkin patch? Have fun watching your little monsters compete to find the largest pumpkin in the bunch while you sneak Instagram-worthy photos of those genuine smiling faces (a true fall miracle). And, if you're really feeling lucky, you could even dress your brood in matching outfits for a family photo with one amazing fall backdrop. Of course you can wear something nice for the pic like a favorite cashmere sweater but make things easy on yourself and let everyone else wear something they're comfortable in like jeans. Then you can focus your efforts on coordinating outfits in complementary colors or matching cotton sweaters – and of course getting everyone to smile those genuine smiles.

3. Jump in a pile of leaves:

Enjoy some fall fun in your own backyard with a little help from falling leaves. Give everyone a rake and work as a team to form a great big pile of leaves. Once you've gotten it as high as you can take turns jumping in until everyone is worn out and ready to retreat indoors to warm up. This is a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon activity best performed while wearing yoga pants. How can you beat that?

4. Visit a farm:

Enjoy a little country living this fall and take your city lovers upstate to visit a local farm. Many offer seasonal activities that are fun for the whole family like apple picking and hayrides and some even let you visit with the animals. They're going to have so much fun it'll be hard to get them to leave. Keep warm in that wide open country landscape and wear something cozy and comfortable like a flannel tunic or quarter zip fleece. Word to the wise: dress the kids in something that can withstand some serious wear and tear like a quality pair of kids' jeans. You can thank me later.

5. Bake a pie (and eat it):

There's only one thing you can do after picking your weight in apples at a local farm: bake a delicious apple pie! Pass out the aprons and pull out that old family recipe book and have fun teaching the kids all of your secrets to making a mouth watering, homemade apple pie. And the best part about a baking day at home? You can do it in your PJs! Whether you're a flannel pajama kind of family or a true believer in the comfort of soft Supima cotton pajamas, this is one perfect day in the making.

6. Keep warm by the fire:

There's no rule that says you have to go camping to enjoy a good fire. Make an evening of the first fire of fall and invite family and friends over for a backyard bonfire in your fire pit. Lay out all of the fixings for mouthwatering S'mores and take turns pointing out the constellations in the clear night sky. No need to dress up for this evening affair. Sweatpants for the guys and a comfy pair of women's jeans for the ladies will do just fine. And the kids? Why not let them wear their flannel pajamas. It's only a matter of time before you're carrying them to bed with little chocolate smeared faces anyway.

7. Get lost in a corn maze:

Getting lost with the kids in tow is rarely a good time – unless, that is, you're trying to get lost in a corn maze. Let your kids take the lead on this family adventure and watch as they have fun working together to find their way out of this fun fall activity. You could even split up into teams and see who makes it out first. Just be prepared to get a little dirty. Corn mazes are known for their mud puddles. Dress in something that can handle adventure like jeans and boots and I'm sure you'll all make it out in no time.

8. Carve a pumpkin:

Nothing feels more like fall than Halloween – and nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit more than carving pumpkins with the kids. Break out the stencils and/or paintbrushes and encourage your kiddos to design their own pumpkins this year. Of course you'll still do all of the hard stuff – like the actual carving part – but at least they'll be the ones pulling the pumpkin goop out of the middle. Do yourself (and your kitchen) a favor and make this an outdoor family fall activity because whether they're carving their jack-o-lanterns or painting on silly pumpkin faces, things are going to get messy. Not sure what to wear for this one? How about a rain coat? Yeah, I'm serious.

Whether you're hiking the trails or staying cozy by the fire at home, fall is a great time for family fun. Shop today for everything you need to make this fall one of the best yet.

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