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How to Stay Warm This Winter in Your Flannel Robe

How to Stay Warm This Winter in Your Flannel Robe

When it's blustery and cold outside, there's nothing more relaxing than spending a cozy day inside, away from the stress of the world. In fact, it's an opportunity to turn a simple day at home into a true staycation experience.

This winter, plan ahead to do it right: Kick back, gear up, and set your sights on savoring the warmth and comfort of your home. Choose your favorite flannel robe to wear, and try one of these nine formulas for an unforgettable, cozy day at home.

Recapture the Feeling of Sleeping in

Maybe the kids need breakfast before soccer practice. Maybe you have an errand to run that must be wrapped up early. Or maybe the dog can't do without her morning walk. Whatever the reason, on some weekend mornings you just have to get up early, even though you'd rather spend your morning hours lounging in bed.

Don't let getting up early stop you from lolling. Head out and do what you need to, then come home and recapture your just-out-of-bed vibe by tossing a flannel robe over your get-the-job-done leggings and hoodie and hitting the sofa for a few hours of de-stressing. It's a perfect way to give yourself a second chance to "sleep in."

Have a Cuddly Spa Day at Home

If you're taking time out on a cold winter day to treat yourself to your favorite DIY spa and beauty treatments, a flannel robe can be the outfit that adds even more relaxing warmth to the proceedings. Pull a flannel robe on over your flannel pajamas, turn on some soothing music, light a few candles, and apply your favorite facial mask to enjoy a relaxing experience.

Sip Your Favorite Warm Beverage for an Indulgent Afternoon

Whether your favorite warm-me-up mug is filled with coffee, tea, or cocoa, the perfect item to pair with it is a warm flannel robe. Slip into a comfortable chair (or just climb back in bed) and linger over a hot drink to help you combat mid-winter stress.

Take a Day Off to Read a Fantastic Book

There's no better combination than a quiet house, a snowy day, and a really good book. Take the escapist feeling of a day spent reading to the next level of cozy by doing it in your most comfortable robe. Pick your favorite spot and read the day away.

Don Your Flannel Robe for a Snug Date Night at Home

There's no rule that says date nights require a little black dress. In fact, the two of you might have more fun if you swap out the dress code for a more relaxed plan featuring cozy PJs and warm flannel robes. Sharing a bottle of wine during wintry downtime on a cold winter night can be just as luxurious as reservations to the hottest restaurant in town.

If he doesn't have a flannel robe of his own, then now's the perfect time to get him

Make Lifelong Memories with a Family Flannel Day

Share the fun of hanging out in your coziest clothes with your whole family by declaring a "family flannel day" during your kids' next break from school. Get matching family pajamas and robes and spend the day in them, passing the time by playing everyone's favorite board games, baking cookies, or just hanging out while you sip hot winter beverages.

Family Flannel Day can also be a terrific opportunity to capture an adorable family photo–with everyone in their matching outfits–for a group shot worthy of your holiday cards.

Wear a Flannel Robe So You Can "Netflix and Warm Up"

Netflix and chill? That's so last summer. This winter, you can deck yourself in cozy pajamas and a flannel robe, then grab the remote for a long winter's night of binge-watching the hottest new shows.

Make the moment special by planning ahead and you'll eliminate the guilt of letting the next episode roll. Best of all, the next time you see your coworkers or friends, you'll be able to catch up without fearing accidental spoilers.

Share a Spare Robe with a Pal for a Girls' Day in

When the temperatures drop in your town, get the girls you love most their own cozy robes and invite them over for a warm girls' day in.

Plan a day filled with activities for your squad. You can do in-home spa treatments, make a mini-book club to talk about that new novel, or gather your crafting gear for a day of shared album or vision board creation.

Order in your favorite food, or make a batch of laid-back snacks, and enjoy the cozy vibe while you catch up with your besties.

Bundle Up and Enjoy the View

Winter days inside are made even better when you get comfortable, put your feet up and enjoy the view. Which view do we mean? That's up to you: You might focus on the snow falling outside. You could also look into your fireplace for some cozy indoor views. No fireplace? Get a scented candle and enjoy the flickering light.

Winter's coming, but you've got plenty of options for staying warm and cozy all season.

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