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Fun Men’s Swimwear Prints to Try This Summer

Fun Men’s Swimwear Prints to Try This Summer

Swim season is here, and we’re super excited to pull our swimsuits out of the back of the closet. What’s just as exciting as swim season is all the fun prints that you can sport on your men’s swimming trunks. Prints and patterns are all the rage when it comes to swimwear, and you should definitely take advantage of this fun trend this summer. Men’s swimwear comes with cool and exciting prints on swim trunks, swim shorts, and board shorts that make for a colorful splash in the water.

Tropical Florals

Tropical prints and florals are super popular in swimwear patterns these days. For women’s and men’s swimsuits alike, you can’t go wrong with these prints. You can also go for something more subtle, like floral outlines printed in white against a blue background, or go all out with some bright pink Hawaiian blooms against some green foliage and blue background. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island in no time.


The second best to florals is tropical palms. Palms have been wildly trendy these last years, appearing on men’s button-down shirts, shorts, and swimwear. Palm frond print was once a symbol of conspicuous leisure and is now the universal symbol for summer and vacay. Slip into full-blown vacation mode with some frond fun swimwear this summer. Choose a resort look by opting for fine green fronds on a white background. Or opt for something more bright and bold with big palm prints and bright green tones. Palm swim trunks look perfectly summer suave worn under a light linen button-up so that you can go seamlessly from beach to beach bar.


Nautical swimwear isn’t just for sailors. This sea-faring aesthetic will fare just as well on land. With its special retro flair, nautical looks are a timeless classic. When choosing fun prints for your swimmers, don’t shy away from nautical themes. From anchors to whales, nautical prints are a perennial print favorite. Small anchor prints against a nautical blue are a classic and low-key print look that will give you all the fun of summer prints without your shorts being too bold.

Another classic print that will last a lifetime is the simple stripe. Vertical stripes can be an especially neutral and versatile swimwear print that will match just about anything and look good just about anywhere. Stripes also don’t have to be nautical. Choose horizontal wide stripes with bold and bright colors that are perfect for summer. While not exactly a print, stripes are definitely a swimsuit style not to miss. For some fun and creative nautical prints, feel free to explore creatures from under the sea.

Different kinds of fish, whales and even lobsters make great prints for your summer swimwear that will have you prepped for all things water. Under-the-sea themed prints are also a great choice for family swimwear.


Let’s take tropical to a whole new level by wearing tropical fruits printing on our swim trunks. Bananas, pineapples, citrus, and watermelons make great and fun summer prints for men’s swimwear that’s just the right amount of fruity. Depending on your personal style, sport a pair of men’s board shorts printed with a giant pineapple, or wear a pair of swim shorts with small watermelon slices depicted. Whatever your personal taste is, men’s swimwear with fruit patterns is one of the more interesting and fun prints to sport this summer.

Animal Prints

Setting leopard print and tiger stripes aside, men’s swimwear comes with its own style of animal prints. But perhaps not the prints you’re used to seeing on women’s swimwear. Seemingly random, but all so cool, flamingos are one of those men’s swimwear prints we don’t quite understand but somehow completely love. These pink birds look fabulous printed on dark blue or black swim shorts, and they add a tasteful pop to your summer clothing.

Another animal favorite for men’s swimwear is turtle print. Printed outlines of turtles on brightly colored backgrounds make for a great summertime print for men’s swimwear. Turtle prints offer a great Polynesian tribal vibe to your swimmers while also being a fun animal to sport on your trunks. Coming in many different styles and levels of boldness, turtle prints are sure to be a definite hit. Wear with your men’s rash guard, and you’ll be perfectly primed for some snorkeling or water sports.

Be sure you have all the right prints for summer so you can add an extra pop of fun and color to your otherwise simple swimwear.

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