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Fun New Trends in Men's Swimwear

Fun New Trends in Men's Swimwear

When you dream of your next weekend retreat or week-long getaway, where are you off to? If it has anything to do with the water, from tooling around the marina on your boat to chasing the kids around in the waves, we’re right there with you, and we’re dreaming of new summer trends to match.

Are you on the lookout for new men’s swim trunks or swimwear to meet your needs during the busy (and fun) summer season? You’re in luck because we’ve identified some of the top trends in men’s swimwear. You'll be ready for any adventure, whether you’re windsurfing and kayaking or beach lounging, or even hanging with your one-year-old for “Daddy and Me” swim time at the local pool.

Before You Shop

Before you begin your hunt for the ideal pair of swim trunks, board shorts, and other gear, make the most of your shopping trip, whether it’s online or in-person, by keeping the following in mind.

  1. Determine your size. Swimwear should be one of the most comfortable things in your closet. After all, you wear it all day, and maybe even multiple times on vacation. It had better be something you enjoy wearing! Thankfully, swimwear comes in various sizes, including big and tall swim trunks. If you think you may need a specialty size, take your measurements at home and compare them to the sizing you find online. Knowing ahead of time if you need to shop in a different section will save you from spending a lot of time in the dressing room or scrolling through swim trunks that won’t fit correctly.
  2. Determine your length and fit. Swim trunks are available in various lengths, from the shortest at 7” to the longest at 9”, and fits, including slim fit and regular fit. Determine which of these sizes is right for you, and filter your search accordingly.

The bottom line? Lands’ End has swim trunks, swim shirts, and all sorts of other swim gear that fits every body type. You’ll find something no matter your body type or style preferences. Now that you know what to look for when shopping for men’s swimwear let’s dive into the trends!

Classic Neutrals

This year, classic neutrals will be big from the beach to the boardwalk, and you won’t go wrong committing to this timeless style. Choose your favorite neutral color, like taupe, black, navy, or white. Add a bit of fun by shopping for a neutral suit with a patterned drawstring.

Color Blocking

If you love a good neutral, but you’re looking for a little extra oomph, try a color-block men’s swimsuit. Choosing color-blocked swim trunks to show you’re classic yet playful, and you’ll turn heads in your trunks no matter what you’re up to this summer. If you’d like to be extra bold, opt for a colorway that’s a bit unexpected, like red, navy, and blue.

Bold Prints

Want to stand out on your next beach vacation? Are you hoping people spot you from across the beach volleyball courts and say, “Now there’s a guy who knows how to have some fun”? Well, you need something loud, vibrant, and unexpected. Try one of our favorite patterns, like beach umbrellas, starfish, or sailboats.

Better yet? Choose a few patterns to mix and match on your next getaway. That way, you’ll always have a dry suit for whatever you’re up to, and you’ll be able to debut multiple fun patterns, too.

Think Beyond the Trunks

Your ideal swimwear doesn’t have to begin and end with a pair of trunks. There are plenty of other ways to be comfortable while you’re poolside or oceanside. If you are surfing, boogie boarding, or getting down in the sand building castles with the little ones, you should consider a men’s rash guard to protect you from the abrasive elements. If you need extra sun protection or modesty while you’re splashing in the water, consider a swim shirt that complements your trunks.

Don’t forget your footwear, either, especially if you’ll be traipsing across hot sand looking for the perfect sunbathing spot or hunting for tide pools in the rocks. Water shoes or sandals will serve you well, in that respect. Lastly, throw on a great, wide-brimmed hat to keep the rays at bay.

Don’t Forget the UPF

The most important thing to consider when you’re out in the sun all day is how to protect yourself from it. Thankfully, sun protection comes in many forms, not just the greasy sunscreen your wife slathers on the kids. Try a men’s swim shirt with UPF protection built-in. That way, you’ll never have to ask someone to deal with all the spots on your back that you can’t reach.

Now, it’s time to find the swim trunks, footwear, and accessories that are right for you. Once you find the best suit, it’s time to plan your next sun-filled vacation to take advantage of the sleek, comfy, and stylish swimwear you’ve scored. From manning the grill at a backyard pool party to manning the steering wheel on a speedboat, you’re going to have the best time rocking your new swim gear this summer. What are you waiting for? Surf’s up!

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