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Gift Guide: Matching Christmas Family Pajamas

New family tradition: matching Christmas pajamas

Warm holiday traditions don't get any easier than Christmas matching pajamas under the tree. Kids of all ages love getting cozy new pj's at Christmas, but parents assure us this is a great tradition to start when the kids are young.

Go all in this Christmas with identical pajamas for the whole family. You could even take the boys vs. girls approach with matching nightgowns for mom and daughter and flannel pajama sleep sets for the men of the house. Or have fun showcasing your family's unique styles by giving them each a little something different to make the look their own. Think matching pajama pants and different tops. Or a nightgown for the little miss, pajama pants for big brother, a robe for dad and a full knit sleep set for mom.

If you ask us, the best part of this tradition is always being camera ready on one of the most photographed days of the year. Talk about a picture perfect family.

Win at giving this Christmas with pajamas for your whole family

Not sure what to get your loving family for Christmas this year? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Take the guess work out of Christmas shopping this holiday season and give everyone in your family a pair of cuddly pajamas they're destined to love – instead of some random thing you hope they don't already own.

Let your loved ones know you're always thinking of them and pick out pajamas that speak to their individualized styles and comfort needs. You know, like flannel pajamas for the ones with cold hands and some jersey knit sleep pants for the guy that radiates heat like a furnace. But once those gifts are opened be prepared for the hugs, because that's what you get for giving the best gifts. From sleep sets to nightgowns and fleece to flannel we have the perfect pajamas to fit every person and personality in your family.

For all the nights she stayed up waiting...pajamas and robes for her

Sometimes the middle of the night is the only time you can find to think. Or get that final pan of brownies made for the bake sale. Or start the grocery list for Sunday's family dinner. When it comes to “finding time” to get things done, women are experts and Mom is the master, even if it means sacrificing a little beauty sleep every now and then.

This Christmas take care of the woman who takes care of everyone else with the gift of soft and cozy pajamas to keep her comfy during all of those late nights. How about a knit flannel pajama set to keep her comfy while she pretends not to wait up for the last one out? Or a lush fleece robe to keep her warm while she takes care of “one more thing” before heading to bed. Show the woman in your life how much you appreciate all that she does to keep your world turning with something comfy, cozy and beautiful to help her get to the bottom of that to-do list this winter.

Just for him: pajamas, robes and slippers

What do you get the guy that has everything and wants nothing – except for your love and affection? Pajamas, slippers and a robe of course! Not only will he appreciate the relaxed, traditional fit of his pajamas and robe but he'll love how soft, warm and cuddle-inviting they are for you. Of course you'll need to give him something practical too, like cushy foam men's slippers with a sturdy rubber outsole to ensure he'll never slip on that icy driveway again when taking out the trash. Yeah, he's pretty lucky to have you looking out for him.

Cozy pajamas and robes for girls

All kids like getting new pajamas, but girls love letting their personalities shine through the clothes they wear. Bring the girl power this Christmas with some fun and stylish girls' pajamas every young lady in your life is sure to love. How about a fun graphic top fleece sleep set for Little Miss Sunshine? Perhaps a cute animal print PJ set for the future veterinarian. Or some fleece critter slippers for the girl that just can't help but roar.

Starting at 2T to age 10, we have the pajamas and robes girls need to enjoy a good night's sleep, which of course they'll need. Because you know what they say: Girls rule the world. And they love doing it in style.

Pajamas and robes for boys

Little boys have big amounts of energy, which often leads to torn knees, ripped sleeves and maybe even some tears. Bring some holiday magic to your boys this Christmas with new boy's pajamas perfect for pre-bedtime adventures and late night spying for reindeer.

Blow his mind with a pair of glow-in-the-dark pajamas or make him giggle with a fun character on his shirt. Starting at 2T to age 10 we're sure you'll be able to find something awesome for your little guy to love. And who knows? After styling his cool graphics pajama sets, comfy flannel pants and warm fleece robes he might actually be excited to go to bed for once. Sleeping not guaranteed.

Slippers and Throws: The best kept secret of Christmas gifts

Give your friends and family a little R&R this Christmas with a pair of warm, cozy slippers or a soft and luxurious throw to keep them toasty all winter long. Nothing beats coming in out of the cold and snuggling up under a soft throw as you wait for the kettle to whistle. Or slipping into a pair of cushy faux-lined slippers after a long day at work, finally relaxing for the first time all day. Trust us, a new pair of slippers or a fleece throw is a gift to cherish. And they will. All year long.

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