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101 Gift ideas for the dad who has everything

Let's be clear about one thing before we get started on this topic: NOBODY HAS EVERYTHING. After all, where would they keep it? So what we're really talking about here is coming up with something to give a dad who's hard to shop for. And frankly, every dad falls into this category.

IDEA #1: A Tropical Vacation

No, not the kind where you buy him a plane ticket and make reservations in a fancy resort. Instead, get him a new set of flannel sheets. Ours are warm and cozy, just like a day at the beach. And once Dad falls asleep, he can dream of being on that tropical island listening to the ocean waves and enjoying a refreshing beverage.

IDEA #2: A day at the spa

Relax! We're not talking about giving Dad a day at a real spa! Not when you can turn your bathroom into a spa-like getaway for him with a beautiful monogrammed shower curtain.

Dad will love to take his shower in a personalized tub that says "Dad" or "Cletus" or even his real name. And when he steps out of the shower onto a Supima bath rug, his feet will thank you, even if he doesn't.

IDEA #3: Christmas every day

If you give Dad a personalized Christmas stocking he can hang in his cube at work, every day will seem like a holiday! Imagine the fun Dad will have stuffing his stocking with little treats he can nibble on all day long as he looks at the clock, wishing it were quitting time. Or better yet, give him some fun "old fashioned" games he can play to pass the time when the boss isn't looking. A deck of cards, some dice, and Dad's good to go for hours!

IDEA #4-100: A bag of marbles

Dad used to play marbles when he was a kid and never forgot the day when the playground bully took his prize "shooter" away. Help bring back those memories by giving Dad a sack of marbles. He can play to his heart's content – without fear that the bully will be after him again.

He can even store them at his desk in the needlepoint stocking you gave him!

IDEA #101: A Lands' End gift certificate

If Dad is so hard to shop for, why not let him shop for himself? Give him a little help with a Lands' End gift card! That way, if his heart is set on a monogrammed bath towel, he can get one easy as pie – all thanks to you. Bonus: It's a great way to ensure you remain his favorite!

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