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Your Guide to Choosing Gifts for Your Kids' Best Friends

Your Guide to Choosing Gifts for Your Kids' Best Friends

There’s the conundrum of purchasing the right gifts for your nearest and dearest—and then there’s the potentially greater challenge of finding something appropriate for your kids’ friends. Granted, it’s likely that you know them pretty well if you want to give them a present, so gifting something suitable shouldn’t be too hard. But if you’re stumped for ideas because you aren’t sure precisely what they’ll love, take your cue from the season!

Winter is a great time to delight the little ones in your kids’ lives with items that are practical and cute. What’s the secret? Think of the little elements that make your own kids smile. Sparkles? Check. Cute patterns? Check. Bright colors? Check! The holiday season is full of all kinds of great features that set the tone for warmth, comfort, and practicality. Here are some pieces to consider for your kiddo’s BFFs.

The Holidays Are for Jammies

Trust that girls’ and boys’ Christmas pajamas will always be a hit. With so many options available, it’s easy to track down a few styles that little guys and girls will love. From sets emblazoned with brilliant check patterns and race cars to plush robes that feel like they’re just made for opening presents on the big day, there’s something inherently festive about them. The kids will be happy to have something new to wear, but you’re likely to also please mom and dad with this practical and thoughtful gift that their children can wear all season long.

Never Go Wrong with Robes

There are destined to be plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs” when they open up the package and find a plush boys’ or girls’ robe inside. There’s no way to go wrong with a robe for children—it’s easy to size, practical for the season, and available in a wide range of solid colors and patterns that add a little fun and playfulness to their sleepwear wardrobe. It’s also highly versatile. Little ones can slip into a robe on Christmas morning and throughout the season to stay cozy on snowy days. They can throw it on over light pajamas when they need a comfortable layer. It’s also great to wear around the house after they come in from the cold, and it’s a great year-round staple that adds a necessary layer on unexpectedly cool mornings.

Break Out the Soft Sweaters

Winter is also prime time to break out the coziest sweaters in the closet! From practical boys’ cardigans to cute pullovers for girls, there are so many varieties destined to make those frigid days just a little more tolerable. You can always take your cue from their wardrobe in this case. If she happens to wear a cardigan all the time, then you’ll brighten her day with a wonderfully embellished style that adds a little holiday sparkle to her wardrobe. If he’s always running around in layers, a smart sweater vest makes an excellent choice, because he can wear it over his long-sleeve tops and beneath his cozy holiday coats.

Add a Few Winter Accessories

When but now can you go all out and surprise the kids with a few cold-weather essentials? Maybe they can never keep track of their gloves or scarves. Whatever the case, there are dozens of reasons to gift them a pair of boys’ or girls’ winter gloves. It’s all in the details here: fun colors and patterns are perfect for brightening up the season and adding a little splash of playful style to their winter wardrobes. Soft materials, snug fasteners, and outstanding construction contribute to gloves that are as attractive as they are performance-ready. A cute scarf makes the perfect finishing touch for this cold weather-appropriate gift idea. Not only does it help thwart the season’s brisk chills, but it also adds some additional warmth when they’re all bundled up in their toastiest coats, plushest sweaters, and most supportive boots.

Pack Up a Great Jacket

Packable girls’ and boys’ coats are genius gifts for so many reasons. They come in especially handy for kids who are always on the go, whether they go to practice after school or to friends’ houses (including yours!). The packable coat is built to perform, with high-quality elements like insulation that locks in body heat all day long, adjustable hoods that keep them dry, full-zip closures, and convenient designs that allow them to essentially fold right into their own pockets. They also hold up beautifully through repeated wash cycles, making them especially popular among busy moms and dads who don’t need to worry about shopping for new jackets and coats every single season. Packability aside, these toppers define comfort and sensibility for the season—and they’re easy to wear with everything from tried-and-true jeans to stretchy leggings.

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