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Gifts they will still love months after Christmas is over

We’ve all received those gifts – whether they’re novelty, seasonally specific, or just not quite right – that lose their luster quickly after Christmas. What’s worse, a lot of us have been in the position of having given such a gift. What can you do to prevent that from happening again? Let’s look at some timeless gifts that your loved ones will enjoy for many months, even years to come.

Here at Lands’ End, we don’t believe in cutting corners, so you know our quality apparel and home goods are designed to last you and your loved ones for a long time. So if you want to get your notoriously hard to buy for sister-in-law a set of monogrammed bath towels, she’ll be using them for years. Our soft and absorbent all-cotton towels are so luxurious you know she won’t just be pulling them out when you visit – they’ll become her new standard.

Look at your immediate family – you know what you could all use in your household? How about some new sheets? Dress up every bed in your house with a new set of sheets. You can even get them all monogrammed bedding. Your kids may not immediately see the benefit of new sheets, but once they realize how soft and comfortable their new sheets are, they’ll be thanking you. Many of our sheet sets, like oxford bedding and flannel sheets, can last you for decades.

How about a gift your loved ones will surely use again next Christmas? A personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking is a sure-fire gift that they’ll love for years to come. You can include your friend or family member’s name or initials on the stocking and pick out a pattern that’s just as unique as they are. When they pull out their holiday decorations next year and uncover that personalized stocking, they’ll think fondly of you and your thoughtful gift-giving.

Christmas is a great time to gift your friends something warm and cozy that they can use all winter. A fleece blanket is a great way to give them a gift they’ll appreciate – it’s soft, fleecy, and generally pleasant, after all. Fleece blankets are perfect for movie nights, taking to sporting events, or general cozying up around the house, and your loved one will feel like the warmth from the blanket is just like a big old hug from you, the most thoughtful person in their life.

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