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Girls Fall Weekend Get-Away Guide

Girls Fall Weekend Get-Away Guide

The time has finally come–you finally get a stress-free weekend away from home with your girlfriends. A fall weekend away with the girls means a weekend full of shopping, eating, and maybe even visiting a couple of vineyards. Although the last time you got a weekend with the girls may seem like a century ago, don't stress because we have you covered. Here's our guide to what you'll need for your fall weekend get-away.

fall weekend guide

Look at the Weather

Fall can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. A week before you go on your trip, look at the forecast for the days you will be on vacation. Looking ahead allows you to plan things such as what kind of jackets will be needed, what clothing you should pack, and what activities to do.

This trick will allow you to have a relaxing vacation without panicking about not packing the right attire and helps outline a trip itinerary, so no time is wasted in deciding what you should do next.

fall weekend guide

Start with the Bags

Before you can even begin thinking about packing, you'll want to get a duffle bag. Thankfully, we have duffle bags that come in both medium and large sizes, so you don't have to worry about not having everything fit. These duffel bags are great for short weekend trips and are built to last even when you pack one too many pairs of shoes.

When it comes to packing toiletries, you'll want a women's travel kit. The travel kit has plenty of pockets, so you can pack all your face care products, make-up, deodorant, and any other toiletry you may need over the weekend. To make life even easier, this bag has a removable shower caddy!

A durable canvas tote is great for an additional bag when you can't fit everything in your duffel bag or have items that you want to be extra cautious about. It's even a great place to store extra snacks or treats on your drive.

fall weekend guide

Plan Outfits

Since you've already checked the weather and planned out what activities you will most likely be doing, plan out what you will wear. If you are somebody who panics about being stuck with an outfit for each day, you can even pack multiple different outfits for the day. An easy trick is to bring pants and tops that are easy to mix and match.

Most girls trips usually involve shopping. If this applies to you, you will want comfortable shoes to walk around in and a causal outfit that makes trying on clothes easy. One of the best tricks is jeans with an elastic waist because they slip on and off easily. You can easily pair these pants with a cute cashmere sweater. Don't forget a jacket if you know you will be walking outside for longer periods of time.

You will also want an outfit for going out to lunch, dinner, or even wine tasting. Grab your favorite pair of sky high heels and don't worry about the pain, since you will be sitting through most of the activity. This is also a great time to dress up in cute clothes that you usually don't get to wear on a typical weekend. Rock those black jeans that have been sitting at the bottom of your closet with a duster cardigan sweater!

Last but most important-pack comfortable clothing for lounging around. After a long day of shopping or wine tasting throwing on your lounge clothes or flannel pajamas will feel like heaven. Depending on the weather you may also want to pack a jacket if you're sitting around a fire reminiscing about memories from the day or planning on taking morning walks.

fall weekend guide

Think About Accessories

When living a busy life, the last thing you think about in the morning is to accessorize. However, this weekend, you finally have time to get ready and can put your jewelry to good use. Find those favorite earrings you love wearing on a fun night out, or that necklace your husband gave you for your anniversary ages ago.

Don't forget about bringing a purse that will be perfect for shopping, dinner, and any other activity that may take place. A cross body purse is most likely your best option, so you don't have to worry about setting it down and forgetting about it.

Remember This is Your Time

Finally, enjoy a weekend without having "mom" being yelled from the other room, or having to cook dinner. This weekend is all about celebrating being the fabulous mom, wife, or person that you are with the girls that love you most. Have that extra glass of wine or spend that extra $10 on a pair of shoes you love because you deserve to be rewarded for all that you do.

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