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Men's boots

Guys: what to look for in a great pair of men’s snow boots

A pair of men's winter boots might be the most important thing in your closet – maybe even more important than a men's winter coat. Cold, wet feet feel miserable and can lead to hypothermia and frostbite. To avoid making a bad purchase, learn about what to look for when buying boots and how to shop smart.

Before heading to the store, look at your watch. Late afternoon is the best time for trying on footwear, as it's when your feet are at their largest. Bring some thick socks with you as well to see how the boots will fit when you're dressed in your winter gear.

Always choose insulated boots if you want to stay warm for hours at a time. At Lands' End, many of our boots feature 600 grams of insulation, so you can rely on them even in extreme weather. Some styles can also be tightly laced to trap body heat and keep the elements at bay.

Icy pavements can be dangerous. One wrong step, and you'll find yourself tumbling to the ground. Purchasing men's boots with durable soles that provide extra traction can help to prevent slips and falls.

If you're looking at months of snow and slush, make sure you have waterproof boots that will keep you dry. Lined suede boots, for example, might look handsome and feel toasty. However, they probably won't survive a puddle-covered parking lot, much less a raging blizzard.

Finally, ask if the boots you like are breathable. Walking through the woods, shoveling the driveway and having a snowball fight with the kids can lead to sweaty feet. Boots that allow air circulation will stop you from feeling clammy and cold, though.

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