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Impress Your Guests with Soft Spa Towels

Impress Your Guests with Soft Spa Towels

You plan everything for your guests—what to eat, where to go, which activities to enjoy—all in the hope that they'll have the best experience. Now, you can step up your bathroom game and wow them with fluffy, fresh towels.

Whether you are looking for luxury hand towels or something as specific as monogrammed hand towels, we've got you covered. From Supima cotton to luxe Turkish spa towels, your guests will love the feel of these plush bathroom towels. Here are the perfect towels to impress your guests during their next stay.

Supima Towel Sets

Supima towels are made from rare, exclusive Supima cotton. It's in the top three percent of cotton grown in the United States for good reason, with its ultra-soft fibers combed for plush comfort. A stunning dobby weave decoration lines each towel for an elevated and noticeable touch. These towels are soft against the skin, yet they soak up any moisture quickly with their dense fibers and 100 percent Supima cotton material. Available in a set of six towels, including two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, Supima towels can also be personalized, an addition that's sure to impress your guests. Simply choose a font or script for your monogram or initial in a contrasting color.

Turkish Spa Towels

Turkish spa towels are recognized by their plush and cozy fabric. Rare Turkish cotton makes for the densest towels, weighing 750 grams per square meter, meaning it is extra thick and soaks up moisture quickly. These are luxury towels that your guests will notice, both by sight and by feel. And just when you didn't think these towels could be softer, the ring-spun yarn adds extra strength and silkiness. Purchase Turkish spa towels in a set of six, including two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Like most other home goods, you can choose to have your towel set personalized with a monogram or initial—a nice touch for a guest bathroom or bedroom en suite. Choose a contrasting color and a legible font for your monogram or initial: we love a fluffy white towel paired with a sophisticated navy script.

Essential Towels

Your house is incomplete without Essential towels. Perfect for a quick dry after a soaking, essential towels are lighter in weight, meaning they are fluffier and dry more quickly than a typical Turkish or Supima cotton towel. The zero-twist yarns create a lighter and fluffier appearance, and the 100 percent cotton is durable and long-lasting for years of drying. These are perfect for casual bathrooms, or kids' bathrooms. Like most other home goods, you can get a monogrammed bath towel with a name or initial for a sophisticated style on an everyday bathroom necessity.

Hydrocotton Towels

Cue the fastest-drying towels. Hydrocotton towels dry faster than traditional towels, and their Turkish cotton yarns are spun with tiny air pockets to be more absorbent. Lightweight and yet still luxurious, these towels weigh approximately half as much as Turkish towels. Hydrocotton towels are great for a kids' bathroom, where bath time can sometimes need a quick fast-forward, or a pool bathroom, where a speedy shower happens often. Available in a set of six, Hydrocotton towel sets include two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. The 100 percent cotton is machine washable, durable, and sure to stand the test of time while still remaining ultra-soft and luxurious to the touch.

Organic Towels

If the environment and sustainability are important to you, then organic towels are the perfect solution for your household. From the cotton to the dye, the materials are entirely organic. These thick bath towels are made with organic Turkish cotton, crafted with longer loops for a feel so soft that you could curl up and sleep in it. Organic towels are available in various sizes and colors using organic dyes. Choose from an extra-large bath sheet, a bath towel, a hand towel, or washcloth. Or, consider opting for the set, which includes two of each: bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Just as with all other towels, you can personalize organic towels with a monogram or initial for a classic spin on a modern and sustainable staple item.

Cotton Modal Towels

A taller pile makes cotton modal towels the ultimate fluffy towel. However, this towel doesn't just move water around while leaving you still wet. Instead, the touch of modal means it's silky and fast-drying. These bath towels turn heads—their rich, full appearance is a guaranteed favorite among guests. They're available in a bath towel, extra-large bath sheet, hand towel, and washcloth, or as a set, including two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Durable, beautiful, and lightweight, cotton modal towels are a must-have for any guest bathroom or master bathroom.