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Why You Should Monogram Your Holiday Fashion Pieces

Why You Should Monogram Your Holiday Fashion Pieces

Long gone are the days of the basic monogram. Today, you can put nearly anything on a monogram. You can personalize an accessory with a fun phrase, quote or even a joke. So forget the plain old initials and think outside the box with these fun holiday monogram ideas.

Add a Personal Touch

Nothing says “you” quite like having a personalized backpack. Although it’s a great gift idea for kids, adding a personalized message to your own beach bag, purse or clutch makes it a nice gift for yourself, too. With a monogram, your accessory becomes a piece of living history, something you can keep forever and pass down to your family members, like a living memoir.

Make a Statement

Monogramming your initials on something is a classic move, but it isn’t the only reason to do so on your holiday fashion pieces. Add a note of cheer with your favorite holiday jingle or monogram your favorite phrase on a women’s cotton turtleneck to keep things fresh and fun this holiday season. You can even add emojis or other fun designs, so get creative and bring a touch of personality to the party this year.

Create an Everlasting Gift

In the season of giving, what better way to bring a personal element to a gift than to add a monogram? Again, think outside the box with a fun phrase. Get clever with an inside joke or use a fun nickname. You can also write secret messages in the colors and cuffs of men’s shirts as a special way to say, “I care about you.” Monogramming takes an ordinary gift and adds an original twist that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

Monogram Your Mantle This Holiday Season

Bring your fashion pieces to the mantle with personalized Christmas stockings. Hang those stockings with care and spread the holiday vibes by monogramming your family’s favorite nicknames. Don’t forget about your four-legged family members, too! The best part? When the kids leave the house, they can take their stockings with them for a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Bring the Family Together

Get the camera ready with this cute holiday fashion idea. With monogrammed matching family pajamas you’ll have the best Season’s Greetings card on the block. Instead of using played-out initials, add some fun by monogramming fun phrases like “I need my coffee” or “Hush, the game is on!” Show off your monograms with a fun-filled photoshoot. Use props and strike silly poses to make the event more fun for the entire family.

Personalize Your Accessories

Did you know you can monogram nearly any accessory or article of clothing? Say goodbye to the standard embroidery and hello to monogrammed anything! You can monogram your tennis shoes, T-shirts or even your favorite pair of jeans. Again, you don’t have to put your name on everything. Instead, use a fun quote, celebrate the wintry season or add a cute design to your favorite staples.

Make It Practical or Funny

There are plenty of practical reasons to monogram your fashion pieces. If you are worried about theft or loss or simply wish to stand out, add a personalized monogram to your favorite fashion pieces, such as a cotton sweater for women. However, if you want to break tradition, use the holidays as a chance to create one-off fashion pieces that bring on the cheer.

Mix and Match Fonts and Styles

For added style and a bolder statement, monogram a shirt using different fonts, sizes and styles to tell your story. For example, take your favorite Christmas song or joke and bold the chorus or punch line. Mix plainer fonts with fancier ones to create a fun play on words for added style. The result is a look that is fun and festive for the season.

Keep It a Secret

A tactful way to monogram your clothing for the sake of identification is to monogram the inside of a cuff or shirttail with smaller writing. You can even add a fun phrase just for you inside your clothes. For those that might not like the monogrammed look, it adds a secret personal touch that can put a smile on your face on a cold, blustery day. A monogram on your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t have to be loud; instead, make it an intimate affair with tiny fonts in discrete corners of your clothing.

Monogramming creates a fun way to personalize your holiday look this season. It doesn’t have to be the same old initials, so make it fun with your favorite quote, song lyric or even a cheeky joke. What do you want to monogram this holiday season?

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