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Sparkles, Velvet and More: How to Elevate Your Holiday Style | Lands' End

Sparkles, Velvet and More: How to Elevate Your Holiday Style

For the season of cheer, there's nothing better than selecting fashion styles that show off the spirit of the holidays. These handy tips are designed to help you do just that. From colorful prints to velvet and glam, there are countless ways to add sparkle to your style.

Silver and Gold

Keep it classic with silver and gold accents. You can take even the most basic outfit, such as a basic tee and your favorite pair of women's jeans and add a holiday vibe simply by adding splashes of silver and gold to your look. Accessorize with shiny bangles that jingle or throw on a pair of sparkling dangling earrings. For more sophisticated looks, consider adding a splash of sparkle with shiny tights or a cute cardigan with silver and gold accents.

Accessorize With Sparkle and Shine

Kick up the holiday spirit with your accessories. Grab a glam-tastic gold clutch for a night on the town or bundle up in a rich velvety scarf of red and green. The small accents make your holiday look truly pop and give even a simple wintery look some holiday cheer.

Remember, don't overdo it, unless you're going for some good, old-fashioned holiday cheesy fun. Use accessories to accentuate a look, but don't layer on so much that you look like an overdressed Christmas tree. Use basic staples, like women's black jeans to tone down the overall look and allow your accessories to shine.

Dress Up With a Festive Focal Point

Keep it simple but add a fun twist to classic outfits with a statement piece. Deck out an otherwise basic outfit with one accessory that truly shines. Try a cute pair of red heels with a bow to match your little black dress or get a holiday-inspired manicure. Put a spin on your wardrobe with a single statement piece that brings the holidays into your everyday apparel.

Mix and Match

For a funky look, be bold by mixing and matching. Shake up tradition by wearing shiny elements that don't stick to the traditional red, green, silver and gold palette. Use bold color, shimmer and shine to bring the party to life. Try wearing a shiny, sparkling skirt with a simple black cardigan or wear a luxurious deep purple fitted turtleneck with wide-legged grey pants. Break from the pack this season with rich bold colors and shimmery fabrics that still scream festive and chic.

Spread Cheer With Bold Makeup

If light-up sweaters and sequins aren't your thing, show your festive side with a bold lip, such as cherry red. Put a twinkle in your eye with glittery eyeshadows to accent the classic smoky eye. Even a simple rosy cheek brings buckets of holiday cheer. Don't forget about those fingers and toes; a cute manicure can brighten even the dreariest of winter days.

How to Use Texture to Create a Festive Look

Highly textured materials from slouchy, chunky sweaters all the way to feathers (yes, we said feathers) quickly take things up a notch. Wear a feathery strapless top with an A-line skirt for a sophisticated yet flirty holiday look. Billowy silk blouses work wonders with the perfect pair of curvy fit jeans. Big, bold statements can clash quickly, so pick a few key pieces that highlight an otherwise understated look to add a holiday accent to your outfit, day or night.

Invest in a Catch-All Classic

Then there are classic choices that are perennial favorites. Red dresses are hot no matter what the season. Flannel is perfect for almost any relaxing occasion, and nothing is more inviting than your favorite pair of leggings. Use the holidays as an excuse to buy that unbelievably adorable LBD you've been eyeballing all season. Take those simple accents like jewelry, makeup and shoes to add a hint of holiday flare.

Celebrate Patterns and Prints this Season

Boost your look with bold prints. Make a statement with printed women's wool coats or even printed jeans. Floral prints with dark backgrounds make the winter blues melt away. Keep the Christmas sweater on trend this season with fun designs that make a festive statement, such as stars or leopard print. Even bold, chunky stripes in bright colors bring a spark of joy into the wintery season.

This year, take your holiday spirit to the next level with fun fabrics, bold accents and funky patterns. Keep wearing your classic favorites with a new holiday twist and make this season the most festive yet.

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