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How do I buy a swimsuit for my toddler?

How do I buy a swimsuit for my toddler?

Finding a bathing suit you love is no easy task. Getting one for your wriggly toddler can be hard, too. Here's the good news, though: knowing what to look for in a suit makes picking one for your little buddy much easier.

Is there anything cuter than a toddler in board shorts? Look for shorts with an elastic waist to help secure the fit. Also, consider dressing him in a fitted toddler rash guard. The extra coverage protects him from the surf and sand, and keeps him warm when the weather cools.

Toddlers have delicate skin, so make sure their bathing suit is soft and stretchy. Look for something like a toddler one-piece swimsuit with a lined front, free from itchy appliqués. Less worry from chafing.

When your child is playing outside, preventing a burn is incredibly important. Lands' End swimsuits offer UPF 50 sun protection that won't rinse off, and they're even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant. No suit can keep them totally safe though, so use sunblock, and remember those rash guards.

Little ones who aren't potty trained yet need something roomy enough for swim diapers, so consider fit carefully. A lifejacket is nice to have around too, as they'll always be safe when they have one on. Swim lessons are also a great idea for young children.

Cover-ups are handy for stopping UV rays. A hooded beach towel can be thrown on in a instant, just like a brightly colored swim dress or terry cloth hoodie cover-up. Dark colors typically do the best job at blocking the sun, so stay away from light shades, like white and pale pink.

Toddler swimsuits for girls shouldn't have straps that dig into her shoulders, leaving red marks. Loose straps that fall off aren't good, either. Instead, look for a suit that allows you to slip your thumb comfortably between her body and the strap. Look for criss-cross straps in back to keep her top secure.

Your child's swimsuit will last longer if you rinse out sand, salt and sunblock immediately after they finish wearing it. Swimwear should also be hand-washed using a gentle detergent, and allowed to air dry. Never put a bathing suit in your dryer, even on the low setting.

Are you still using the same suit you wore before giving birth? If so, it might be time to get a new one for yourself. Your body has changed, and your old bathing suit might not fit like it used to.

Women's swimsuits with a secret panel will minimize your tummy, while hidden underwires support your bust. You might also like a blouson-style suit, which conceals your midsection behind billowing fabric. Best of all, when you're wearing something that feels amazing, you can relax and focus on having fun with your little pal.

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