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How Do You Wear Skirts?

Styling skirts can seem like a daunting task. Yet when styled correctly, skirts can be worn in any weather and for any occasion. Skirts are incredibly versatile; you can create many different outfits with just a single skirt.

Skirts In the Summer

Skirts are a great way to remain cool in the summer while still looking fashionable. Maxi skirts, which extend between ankle and floor length, are a summer staple. What do you wear with long skirts in the summer? You can style maxi skirts with a loose tank top and sandals for an effortless, breezy look. A-line skirts are also great for summer nights. What do you wear with an A-line skirt? You can style A-line skirts with a linen or a button up top and wedges. This look is great for warm weekends or a night out

Skirts In Cold Weather

Can you wear skirts in the winter? Skirts can be worn year round. When paired with boots or worn over tights, skirts can be the basis of a cozy fall or winter outfit. What to wear with a plaid skirt? Plaid skirts are considered a fall essential, especially with tights or a pair of booties. What to wear with a pleated skirt? Pleated mid-length skirts can be worn in the winter with a sweater and a pair of knee-high boots. Layering is the key to transitioning skirts from warm to cold weather. What do you wear with long skirts in the winter? Try matching a long skirt with booties and a structured jacket.

Skirts for Various Occasions

In addition to being able to wear skirts in any weather, you can wear skirts to any event. You can dress a skirt up for a wedding or dress it down for shopping with friends.


How do you wear skirts casually? Jean skirts are perfect for a casual look. How do you style a jean skirt? It can be paired with a loose tee and sneakers for a young, fresh look perfect for shopping or lunch. If jean skirts aren't your favorite, try a maxi or pleated skirt with a tank top and sandals.

Business and Business Casual

Skirts are a great alternative to dress pants in a business environment. How to make skirts business casual? Are pencil skirts business casual? Pencil skirts, which look great with button up tops and heels, are a business staple for any working woman. Boot skirts can also be worn in the business environment, especially when paired with a white top and your favorite leather boots. When wearing skirts in a business setting, consider adding tights underneath to maintain professionalism. Also be aware that your skirt length is appropriate. How long are different skirts? Styles vary but generally skirt lengths come in mini (about mid-thigh), knee-length, midi (below the knee and above the ankle) and maxi (between ankle and floor length).


How do you make skirts formal? Skirts can provide more freedom and creativity than dresses when it comes to formal events. A maxi skirts can be worn with a matching top and strappy heels or sandals for the perfect summer wedding outfit. A tea length skirt, paired with a dressy top and heels, also works perfectly for a special event or an important dinner.

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