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Make Your Holiday Season Easier With Winter Flannel

Make Your Holiday Season Easier With Winter Flannel

At Lands’ End, we know how special the holidays are for you. We also know that you have a tendency to stress out a little more than usual when you’re trying to make the holidays special for someone else. Do yourself a favor this holiday season and let the comforting softness of flannel alleviate some of that unnecessary seasonal stress. Yes, fabric has the power. Didn’t realize it? Well, pour yourself a cup of cocoa. Here’s how flannel can transform your holiday season into the happiest time of year.

Flannel Shirts:

A lot of prep work goes into creating the perfect Christmas. Shopping for the right gift for everyone on your list. Wrapping everything under the tree. Decorating said tree. It’s not easy being the one that brings the magic every Christmas. Cut yourself some slack and make the super-soft all-cotton women’s flannel shirt your Holiday Prep Uniform this winter. This easy-fit shirt can be worn on its own as you wrap presents or you can layer it under a sweater or down vest for that holiday party you forgot you had to go to. But probably the most helpful feature of our flannel shirts that you’ll love (aside from the comfort) is the buttoned-cuff. You know for all of those times you’ll need to roll up your sleeves to get the job done right.

Flannel Pajamas:

Nothing beats waking up Christmas morning to the smiling faces of those you love most. Except for those smiling faces all dressed in matching family pajamas. Gift your crew the pleasure of a good night’s sleep this Christmas with our incredibly soft and cozy flannel pajamas. Not only will they stay warm on those cold winter nights all season long but you’ll all look too cute for words in your matching family flannel PJs. Talk about precious! Make sure you snag a group picture of the whole gang in their matching flannel for next year’s Christmas Card. Planning on making matching pajamas an annual tradition? Grab a photo album for your group photos so that you can see how the little ones grow year after year. Can you believe the kids used to be that tiny?

Flannel for Fido:

Our pets are part of the family, so they deserve to be in the group matching pajama photos too, right? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that. We’ve designed puppy pajamas to match two of our most popular flannel sleepwear patterns to make sure that they fit right in with the rest of the family. If your pooch isn’t the type to have their own wardrobe, we also have flannel dog bandanas that look just as festive. All of our canine clothes are made with the same soft flannel you have come to expect from us, so you can be confident that your pets will be comfortable wearing them. No itchy Christmas sweaters allowed!

Flannel Sheets:

Asking an excited kid to stay snug in bed on Christmas Eve may seem to them like an impossible request, but with the right bedding, they might fall asleep before enough time passes for them to start getting squirmy. Holiday dreaming will come easy to everyone in the house thanks to warm and cozy Lands’ End flannel sheets. These are perfect for chilly winter nights or trips to grandma and grandpa’s cottage where the heating, much like the charming decor, hasn’t been updated in the last couple of decades. Our flannel sheets come in a wide variety of fun colors and festive patterns, meaning that everyone is sure to find something they love for their bed. Many of our comforters and duvet covers are also reversible, making switching up the look of your bedroom quick and easy. In addition to being part of a fantastic family holiday, flannel sheet sets also make great Christmas gifts!

Don’t waste another moment on unnecessary stress. Shop Lands’ End now for comfortable flannel products guaranteed to keep things soft and smooth this Christmas.

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