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How to Bring Christmas Joy to Your Home Workspace

How to Bring Christmas Joy to Your Home Workspace

‘Tis the season to bring some holiday cheer to your home with a trip to the Christmas tree farm, an afternoon of detangling lights, and plenty of eggnog. You’re probably spending a lot of time in your home workspace, so don’t forget to spruce it up with some Christmas spirit. It’ll brighten your workday to have little holiday reminders around you, and your coworkers will love seeing your special touches on your next video call.

With our tips, it will be a breeze to add the perfect Christmas decorations to your desk and workspace.

Add Holiday Flair, Not Christmas Clutter

It’s helpful to consider what you want your workspace to look like before you begin your new decor project. Start with a theme, like farmhouse or modern, and stick to it. This way, you’ll avoid the common pitfall of adding too much clutter or clashing decorations.

Starting your decor project with some research will help you envision what you want your space to look like when you’re done. That way, you’ll know exactly where to start when you’re hunting for seasonal additions. Just remember, you’re here to add flair, not clutter. The last thing you want when you’re working from home is to add disorder to your workspace.

One way to keep things organized is with storage baskets. Make them festive by choosing a natural fiber like seagrass or rattan. You can even make the baskets more festive by adding a red or glittery ribbon. These merry little baskets will help you stay organized and productive as you count down to Christmas.

Spark Joy in Your Line of Sight

Now that you have a vision for your decor project, focus first on the walls and floor around you. Does your desk need a poinsettia? Will your walls look more festive if you add a decorative piece like a needlepoint stocking, Christmas wreath, or garland?

If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make some of these decorations yourself, like stringing together popcorn kernels to create a homemade garland. Or you can think outside the box and purchase a vintage picture frame to display all of your holiday cards on the wall, or clip them to your garland with mini clothespins. It will be so much fun to build your collection as each one arrives in the mail.

Sweeten Up Your Desk

Your desk may have the least amount of wiggle room, but little touches can go a long way here. A fun way to add a little holiday spirit is using your favorite Christmas candies to sweeten up your desktop. Consider candy canes in your pencil cup or a bowl of foil-wrapped chocolates as a decorative twist. We promise we won’t tell Santa if you sneak a few as snacks!

If candy’s not your thing, try sprigs of holly or evergreen. If you get the real thing, the smell will transport you to happy memories of Christmases past. A spice-scented candle or wax melt could do the trick too.

If you have the extra room, a mini Christmas tree will delight you all season long, and it can even replace a desk lamp if you string together enough twinkly lights. Adding special ornaments to the tree will make your workspace feel more homey and give you plenty to look at when your eyes need a break from long hours of staring at your screen.

Focus on the Background

While you’re sprucing up your space, don’t forget to consider what your coworkers will see when you’re on virtual meetings. Don’t you want them to be able to enjoy the season, too? Start with a Christmas throw pillow to add some cheer and some back support. If you get chilly while you’re stuck at your desk, you’ll love having a Christmas blanket around to snuggle up with.

Throw it on the back of your chair as a background when you’re on calls. Add some tinsel and seasonal figurines to the shelves behind you for a more subtle approach. And last but not least, make sure you’ve dressed the part in a festive Christmas sweater. Everyone in your meetings will appreciate the effort you put into making your workspace reflect your Christmas spirit!

Once you’ve added the final touches, it’s time to step back and admire all the careful thought you put into your workspace. You may even look forward to sitting down at that desk every morning because you’ve made it special and uniquely you for the season.

Now that you have all the ideas to make your holiday decor dreams a reality, it’s time to focus on the fun part — choosing which Christmas cookie you’ll enjoy on your next work break. Don’t forget the coffee or hot cocoa!

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