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How to Celebrate the Holidays Without Traveling

How to Celebrate the Holidays Without Traveling

For many people, the holiday season represents a time to get together, enjoy great food, and spend time enjoying family and friends. While the world has changed greatly in the past year, the holiday season can still be a great time, even if travelling to a family destination may not be possible.


Since there’s no wrong time or way to say that you love someone and are thinking of them, if gift giving is a big part of your holiday celebration, you can do this ahead of time. Almost anything can be ordered online and shipped to any destination. If you are unable to travel to a family gathering, consider ordering a beautiful centerpiece and sending it to the host a few days prior to the celebration date. They will enjoy beauty a few days ahead, and on the big day everyone will know that you were thinking of them.

If no one in your family is getting together, sending individual gifts to each family a couple weeks prior to the holiday and allowing them to decide when to open them is appropriate and easy to do. Items for the home such as seagrass baskets or canvas storage bins with monograms for the kid’s names would always be useful and welcomed. Perhaps warm flannel sheets or personalized throw blanket to ward off the winter chill would work as well. All of these could be ordered and shipped a few weeks ahead.

The Holiday Feel

For your own home, the sky is the limit on how to celebrate the holiday season. It’s a great time to enjoy past traditions or start your own new traditions. It’s a matter of enjoying who you are with and not feeling guilty about those you are not able to be with. Even if it’s just you and your partner, or maybe just you, you can still enjoy a great holiday.

With a few holiday decorations in place, cook a nice homestyle meal together (or order in!), snuggle by the fire with a holiday movie and flannel pajamas, play some holiday tunes, read a good book, or do anything that you find brings you enjoyment. Try to look on the bright side, holiday travel is not always what it is cracked up to be. Enjoy the lack of stress and take time to relax and enjoy time away from work.

While the holiday season is about togetherness and enjoying your family, if you can’t be there in person, help other family members set up Zoom or Facetime and enjoy conversations via the internet. If online programs are not a good thing for those with less technology skills in your family, pick up the phone and call them and enjoy a long-distance conversation during the family gathering. We live in a time when a thousand miles is easily spanned by technology. While it’s not being there in person, it still allows for contact with those who live far away when we can’t travel to be there in person.

Thinking of Others

While the holiday season is a great time to enjoy family and lifelong traditions, it’s also a time to think of others less fortunate and do something to help them. If you are unable to travel to meet family and friends, consider locating a local shelter or church and donating your time to help care for those who are in need. This can be done alone or as a couple or even family.

You could use your talents to help those less fortunate. Maybe you love to bake. If so bake up some batches of holiday cookies and donate to a local shelter for women and their children. Perhaps you have an overabundance of warm clothing and could donate some to a homeless shelter. Perhaps you could anonymously donate warm coats to a neighbor or family whom you see struggling, or spend a few hours working in a soup kitchen during the holiday season. The greater meaning of the holiday season should not escape us during the season.

Making the Most

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong to spend your holiday. Whether you travel or not, the holiday season is what you make of it and can be very uplifting and fulfilling. Making the most of where you are and who you are with is all that is required to make the holiday season a happy one. Being thankful for what you have and helping others during this time and all year round will give you a great sense of satisfaction and peace.

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