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How to Choose the Best Plus-Size Winter Coat

The Best Plus-Size Winter Coats: Which One Should You Buy?

There are so many stylish options for plus size women's coats that picking the best one for you can feel a little overwhelming – with all your options, how do make your choice?

The trick is to break your plus size outerwear choice down into a few key elements. This guide will help you ask yourself the smart questions to find the right plus-size winter coat for you.

Consider: Its Weather Readiness

Rule number one of winter coat selection? The winter coat you choose has to be capable of protecting you from the specific winter weather that you'll face. So, your first job is to think about the typical winter forecasts in your area.

Start with temperatures in your region. How much cold, snow, or rain do you face? This is an important consideration, because, although it's easy to assume that the warmest winter coat is always better, this is often not the case.

Yes, you might need an ultra-warm coat that'll protect you from bitingly cold weather in places like Wisconsin, where we're based. But you also might not. If your local winters are milder, you'll swelter in a coat made for sub-zero temps and will be better off filtering your search to one with less insulating power.

Next, think about precipitation. Are your winters dry, or do you regularly deal with sleet and freezing rain? Then a trusty water-resistant coat is an absolute must-have.

Narrowing your list of options to the coats that are right for your real life is the first step to finding the right coat for you.

Consider: How Versatile It Is

The next key factor for you to consider is exactly what you'll wear the winter coat for. If you already have a wardrobe of outerwear for cold weather and are shopping for "just one more" to add to your collection, then choosing a coat you can only wear in certain situations (such as a girl's night out or a hiking trip) is a perfectly reasonable choice.

But if you know you're choosing your primary coat, the one you'll be wearing through most of the events of your winter, then it's a smart move to consider all those occasions and make sure your new coat will work for them.

Once you have a list in mind, think about the coat's shape – a hip-length coat, or a women's long winter coat, can be a good option for all-around wear, whereas a shorter coat might not look quite right with dressier outfits, for example. Also consider the material your coat is constructed with. For instance, a pretty-but-not-water-resistant fabric might look terrific for work and dressier events, but it'd be a poor choice for a sledding trip through snowy woods.

When you find options that are versatile enough to work in most, if not all, of your activities for the winter, you can move on to which will be most comfortable and easy to store.

Consider: Its Bulk & Weight

Now that you've found the coats that'll keep you properly protected from the elements, and are appropriate for most of the situations in which you'll wear it, it's time to consider how bulky the coat is. Why? Because dealing with a bulky coat again and again during a busy winter day can become an annoying chore much more quickly than you might think.

Picture a typical day, and imagine how often you'll need to put your coat on and take it off. Then consider where you'll store it throughout your day. Will you be hopping in and out of the car multiple times? You might want a coat that's easy to wear as you move in and out of the car. Will you store your winter coat in a tiny closet? Something too bulky might be hard to handle. Choose a coat that's easy to deal with – to wear, and to store, and you'll enjoy owning it that much more.

And as a final tip on this topic: If you're buying a coat that you'll travel with during the winter months, a packable jacket can be a terrific option for staying warm without a struggle wherever you go.

Consider: Your Style

True, winter coats are a practical choice. But they're also one of the few items you'll wear daily for months, so it's important to find a coat that makes you feel fantastic whenever you wear it. Think about key style elements like:

Style: Do you want a coat that's sporty, sleek, sophisticated or relaxed?

Color: Is there a particular color that speaks to you, or would a more neutral hue be a better match for all the outfits that you'll wear with the coat?

Length: Which matters more to you – full-body warmth or a little more flexibility and movement?

Shape: How structured would you like your coat to be – and would you like to follow the line of your body or flow in a more relaxed manner?

Finishing touches: Do you prefer ornate decorative buttons, hems and collars, or would a more minimalist look fit your style?

Answer these questions and you'll be on your way to discovering a plus-size winter coat that you'll love wearing all winter long.

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