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How to Decorate Any Room in Your Home for Christmas

How to Decorate Any Room in Your Home for Christmas

A beautiful Christmas tree is the first thing that pops into our minds when we think about decorating for Christmas. Selecting a tree and bringing it home, pulling boxes of ornaments from the attic, untangling string lights between sips of hot cocoa, and deciding between tinsel or a pom-pom garland are all holiday milestones. All that leads up to the joy and excitement of seeing all your Christmas gifts lit up and waiting to be unwrapped.

Because of this, the living room or dining room often becomes Christmas central when it comes to decorating for the season. While we all love a crackling fire and a row of needlepoint stockings hung from the mantel, the Christmas magic doesn't need to stop there. From bedrooms to the kitchen and home office, and even the bathrooms, we have some tips for bringing festive vibes into every single room of your house.

Decorating Bedrooms for Christmas

Decorating the bedrooms in your home will have everyone falling asleep and waking up surrounded by Christmas cheer. Since bedrooms are meant for unwinding and sleeping, it'll be key not to overdo it in these rooms. Starting with the beds, you can swap your sheets out for seasonal sheets right after Thanksgiving. Christmas sheet sets can be an easy (and comfy) way to make the room feel festive while still promoting a good night's sleep.

For the master bedroom, opt for neutral fair isle sheets in a cozy material like velvet flannel. And in the kids' rooms, go for a sheet set embroidered with a fun pattern like reindeer. You can also add some subtle holiday cheer to the bedrooms by placing LED string lights in mason jars that you can add to bookshelves or the top of dressers. This will achieve a minimal farmhouse look and can also serve as a seasonal nightlight for the kiddos.

Adding Christmas Cheer to Bathrooms

You can transform a bathroom into a holiday oasis with just a few subtle decorations. Start by adding some seasonal candles to the counters. Scents like pine or cranberry can be perfect for the holiday. From there, you can take an empty vase (make sure it's clear!) and fill it with glass ball ornaments. Depending on the color schemes you're working with, opt for colorful ornaments or simple sparkling silver or gold ornaments. This vase can also go on the bathroom counter and will add a pop of Christmas cheer to the room.

Finish the look with decorative hand towel options like white with a small embroidered holiday tree or red with a white snowflake pattern. These small touches can give bathrooms a holiday refresh that'll also create a space for a perfect Christmas day bubble bath.

A Cheerful Christmas Kitchen

So many of our Christmas activities center around the kitchen. From baking sugar cookies to refilling hot chocolates to cooking up a delicious Christmas morning breakfast, this room becomes a pivotal holiday hub in many of our homes. With this in mind, it's important to spruce the room up a bit to maximize that festive feeling during the holidays. You can hang small wreaths from window panes or drape any shelves with a Christmas garland.

For the counters, opt for candles in the shapes of Christmas trees in gold or silver, or even find a miniature Christmas tree that you can place in the corner of a counter or kitchen island. Swap out hand towels for holiday-themed options, as you would in the bathroom, and do the same with oven mitts if you want to go all out. The key to Christmas decorations in the kitchen is to keep it somewhat minimal to avoid any clutter that might make the cooking feel stressful.

Home Office Christmas Decorations

Hopefully, you'll have some time off over the holidays and won't be spending too much time in your home office. That said, you never know when something might pop up that'll have you dashing into the office to complete a quick task, or perhaps you'll have some projects you need to get through in the days leading up to the holiday. Just as many offices decorate for the Christmas season right after Thanksgiving, there's no reason you can't do this at home as well!

Add a nice candy dish on your desk and fill it with peppermint sticks for an easy way to bring Christmas cheer to your home office (don't be surprised if this means more visitors poking into your office, though!). If you have a couch in your office, find a nice Christmas throw that you can drape over it, and find a festive throw pillow to spruce up your desk chair. You can also play around with lighting options in this room, and maybe even find some snowflake-shaped string lights you can drape over your bookshelf or use to border your office window. As is true with the kitchen, just be sure to keep it somewhat simple to avoid stressful clutter.

These are just a few easy ideas for adding holiday cheer to every room in your house. While these are some simple tips, they'll be sure to nurture a sense of festive joy for the whole family as the Christmas season gets into full swing.

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