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Unique Hearth Decoration Ideas to Jazz Up Your Christmas

Unique Hearth Decoration Ideas to Jazz Up Your Christmas

The hearth is often referred to as the heart of the home. I suspect it's because "hearth" is spelled just like "heart" but has an extra "h" tacked on. But since no one knows what a hearth really is, we turn to the dictionary which tells us that the hearth is "the floor of a fireplace." Well, this article isn't going to discuss how to decorate the floor of the fireplace; that would be silly. Instead, let's consider how to decorate your fireplace mantel for the holidays.

First, Get a Mantel

Even without a fireplace, you can have a mantel. Those "floating shelves" you see everyone use on HGTV can be a mantel. Or even just some of those adjustable bookshelves from the home improvement center will do just fine. Just be sure to attach them to studs in your wall or at the very least use some drywall anchors. Otherwise, they'll just fall down making a mess all over the throw pillows you have scattered about. The key here is to have a horizontal surface you can put stuff on.

Second, Decorate Your Mantel

It seems like an obvious second step, but some people may overlook it. Festive figurines and snowglobes that usually gather dust in the basement make great Christmas hearth decorations; really anything can become part of the hearth Christmas decorations if you are creative enough! We suggest that you buy our needlepoint stockings. Perfect for the mantel, they come in many traditional patterns the whole family will enjoy. So get one of each. Add to the collection every year as your family grows. You can get them with your name on them free of charge. And did we mention you can add your monogram for free? Well, you can.

Third, Add Even More!

Our needlepoint stocking holders make excellent decorations in addition to their job of holding the stockings you just bought.

They're made in America, right here in Wisconsin by a company we've worked with for 25 years. The pewter designs are molded to match our stockings, so if you want a Santa holder with your Santa design stocking, go for it! And did we mention you can have your name engraved on them for free? Well, you can! Personal touches like this will up your hearth decor game easily!

Lastly, Sit Back and Enjoy!

Let the kids put the lights on the tree or hang the garland you bought – you've done the really important job: decorating the mantel. And after all, isn't the mantel the heart of the home? Light a fire on that hearth (not the mantel); then cozy up in one of our down comforters or warm throws and take a nap. You've earned it!

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