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How to Find the Perfect One-Piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits are in, which is great news for women everywhere. Whether you’re seeking modesty, comfort, or practicality, a one-piece could be the perfect fit for you. One-pieces offer the ultimate in comfort and coverage. They are amazing for lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails, all while keeping you comfortable. Cutouts, plunging necklines, and exotic prints are all on-trend when it comes to one-piece swimsuits. Here are our tips for how to find the perfect women’s swimwear for any woman.

What Is Your Body Type?

When picking a one-piece swimsuit it is important to first consider your body type. There is a wide range of body types, and there are also many different styles of swimsuits that are sure to enhance and flatter any woman.

For women who have an hourglass shape–meaning their waist is slim and their shoulders and hips are of equal proportion–will find that most one-piece styles will do wonders for their figure. Choose a simple and sleek black one-piece that will help accentuate your shape. Avoid bold patterns and strapless styles, as this will throw off the already well-proportioned curves of your body. Women with an apple shape have most of their fullness in their chest and around the middle. One-pieces are perfect for this body type, especially slimming swimsuits, which will help you feel more confident and comfortable. Underwires and ruching around the waist can help define your chest and hips more and offer a more balanced appearance.

Pear-shaped bodies hold the majority of their weight in the lower body. Choosing a strapless or halter top swimsuit will show off your hips and slim waist while also bringing attention to your chest and shoulders, which will help to balance your proportions. Try higher-cut sides so your swimsuit flatters rather than pinch your hips. Women who have a ruler or rectangular body shape will have almost equal proportions of hip, waist, and shoulders. Monokinis and cutouts are perfect for this shape, as they give the illusion of curves. Choose a bolder one-piece style, like an exciting print or color-blocked design, to add curves and offer a more defined shape. Try out features like ruffles, plunging necklines, and backless suits to explore giving your figure even more definition.

Cuts and Fabrics

Now that we have established which styles flatter which body types, let’s explore cuts, fabrics, patterns, and colors. Monokinis are all the rage. These cuts are perfect for women who love the freedom of bikinis but also want to retain some modesty and comfort. Cutouts are a great way to upgrade a regular one-piece and to show some skin; however, there are also one-piece swimsuit cuts for women who prefer a little more coverage. If this is you, try a modest one-piece swimsuit to leave you feeling confident, comfortable, and fabulous. There are also many swimsuit styles in between, like backless, halter, and strapless styles, which allows every woman to discover which style is best for her.

Regarding your choice of fabric, we recommend opting for a thicker fabric. Choosing higher-quality fabrics is an investment that will last longer and keep your one-piece from losing its shape or sagging.

Colors and Patterns

Choosing the color of your one-piece swimsuit often comes down to personal preference. However, there are also some pointers for how color choice can make your one-piece work even better for you. Black swimsuits are sleek, slimming, and timeless. It’s hard to go wrong when wearing a black swimsuit. Dark-colored swimsuits are flattering in that they are visually slimming to the eye. Darker colors are great for women who are seeking a more modest suit, as they are simple, classy, and sleek.

White is a fresh and modern choice that looks especially fabulous with darker or tanned skin tones. Be aware when picking out your white one-piece, as white can also tend to show more than we’d like! Choosing a solid bold color is fun and will help to highlight your curves.

Prints are all the rage, and it's easy to see why. They are fun, flattering, and exotic. Opt for a tropical one-piece swimsuit this year. A floral or palm print will leave you feeling like you’re on your own tropical island getaway without leaving the pool. There are myriads of tropical prints and colors to choose from, so don’t be shy in picking your favorite for an exciting and exotic one-piece style. If floral prints are not for you, try some stripes for a chic nautical look.

Regardless of body type or personal preference, there is the perfect one-piece swimsuit out there waiting for you!

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