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How to Find the Perfect Winter Hat for You

How to find the perfect winter hat for you.

When winter comes around, grab your favorite winter hat. It’s the one you immediately search for before you get your car keys. Once or twice (or too many times) you’ve left the front door unlocked but there’s not a chance you’d ever forget your best winter hat on any given day.

Are you looking for that companionship in a hat? Has your previous hat lost its luster? Let’s take a journey to find out which kind of winter hat is best for you. No matter the weather.

Cold ears? Go with a classic: earmuffs.

If you’re somebody who never quite understood why people wear earmuffs rather than a beanie, there’s a practical reason behind it: earmuffs are a great option for when you want to keep your hair intact without sacrificing the hard work you’ve put into it.

If you’ve ever worn a pair of earmuffs you likely sing its praises, but if you’re a relative newcomer, let’s just say they’re a lot like wearing a lighter and more stylish pair of headphones.

Say you like having a great hair day every single day, even in January, but you don’t want the earmuffs to flatten on the top of your head: there are earmuffs that wrap around the back of your neck too. These are your secret ear warmers that leave no trace.

You can also pair earmuffs with another hat too in case you want to get all the warmth you can possibly get. You might find that the faux fur hoodie on a winter coat will be the perfect combo for your needs.

An old favorite: the knit cap.

The knit cap is the best winter hat to have, hands down. They’re warm, easy to wash, and get you to where you need to go without any big problems.

When you find yourself the right pattern for a knit cap you’re not going to need another one for a long, long time. That may be a surprise to some of you who have 5 knit hats, but coincidentally the more you love your knit hat, the more knit hats you end up getting.

Fleece, fleece, baby.

Do you like to spend a lot of time outside, even in the winter? Fleece hats will get you through a Saturday at the slopes and will keep you warm on a Tuesday jog. Fleece is one of the warmest and most weather resistant fabrics that you can rely on for all your athletic and leisurely activities.

The last thing you want is to walk back inside after a minute of exercise wondering why your hat feels and looks like an icicle.

The hairband.

Another option for those of us who want to get through the day without fussing up our hair is the headband. The headband’s full-time job is to keep your ears warm and it also does some part-time work showing off that hairdo.

Truly it’s a favorite if you fully trust that your hair can keep the top of your head warm. Again this would be another great option for early morning walkers/hikers/joggers who don’t want to feel too much heat gathering at the top of the head.

The great fight against winter calls for a trusted trapper hat.

You take the wintertime very seriously and if your hat looks anything like fall or spring, it’s not the right one. You’ve done winter for so many years that there’s no way you’re going to give winter an inch.

The trapper hat ensures that people know you’re warm and they won’t bother asking if you need to recoup over by the fireplace. Honestly, the faux fur trapper hat will bring in almost as many compliments as its heat keeping capabilities. People love to respect somebody who can really take on the cold.

The winter-time bucket hat.

If your hair can take care of your cold ears, a hat that’s fleece and waterproof will make sure your hair doesn’t get wet while you’re running around the winter wonderland. It’s no less fashionable than the other hat options here, and in fact, it calls back to a trendier time: the 1920s. If you like to name things, you can call it The Great Hatsby. Hey, if trends are as warm as the bucket hat, sign us all up.

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